Ludia, just listen to me

I really want to see some super hybrids and hybrids from JW TG like the alangasaurus and labyrinth(Argentinasaurus hybrid). Please add more JW TG dinos to JWA

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I would also like to see JW TG dinosaurs

I don’t think a company will add something to the game just because someone or a small amount of person want it.

It’s not as far fetched as it seems. They already rendered the dino for one game, this way they get to use the model twice. I know they’ve reused them in the past, but I no longer play JW TG so don’t remember which ones.

Meh, people keep trying to make two game content as same as possible… that’s gonna be boring! Why don’t you guy be creative?

I just like the dinos, why do you have to rain on it?

Well i don’t meant to make you cry (rickroll vibe) but
tjat’s the fact.