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Ludia just lost a paying customer


No! I’m not leaving the game! Basically because of the fact that they don’t listen to the players. I was forced to fight in the arena ( literally) and some may say that it is part of the game but all these games have parts that not everyone wants to play all parts! Before the tournaments I was contented to fight for incubators and do all the other aspects of the game and pay allot of money to buy incubators because I enjoy the thrill of the surprise package!

Along comes the forced tournaments and a prize dangling in front of us and my trophy lust came back causing me stress and anger! My only alternative was to abandon the arena temporarily until after the tournament was over and I went back to the lose a few win a few get the daily incubator and arena incubators!

They added the daily missions and I liked them ! Getting epic Dna every day by doing some simple tasks even the daily incubator wasn’t a problem with win a few lose a few until the tournament and the BS forced cutting down of my trophies and once again I am dragged back into the stressful world of that type of arena fighting ( trophy lust)

After the last tournament I finished at around 4580 trophies and because of 4 days in a row getting the BS daily incubator and completing them everyday and bad matchups I am down to 4300 with in all reality no hope of getting back in aviary without some serious fighting and anger fits and ultra stress!

I refuse to do that again so I will be content to get a rare incubator after tournaments I will go back to the way it was before the BS tournament and collect my 15 min 3,8,12 and 24 hour incubators and daily!

But I won’t give Ludia another dime of my money again until they make the changes that we all voted for including highest level in the tournament changes that we voted for in the daily missions etc!

Sorry for the long post


I understand your frustration, but in all honestly, I havent known a company that does listen to players as much as Ludia. It may take them time to implement changes, but for sure they listen and take seriously the comments from the player base.


no need to stress man. if you dont want to do it dont. i admit i dont fight in the arenas much anymore unless i cant get the incubators i need from strike events and 6 hour incs. trophies dont matter to me anymore because the dracocera factor… those changes may take place with 1.7 which is coming soon. hang in there man and i agree, ludia does listen to an extent.


If you don’t win the majority of your battles.
The best place to be is the lowest trophy count required for the arena you can obtain.
Not completing daily missions and not running incubators is by FAR worse than not being in aviary.


No stress anymore because now I don’t care if I win or lose! Draco comes out who cares! The point I was trying to make is no more money from me until some real and helpful changes! For example a complete revamp of the fusion system! Features are needed like using max DNA instead of tapping for 2 days to go from a level 21-22! If I have 20,000 DNA allow me to use it in one shot! Add a confirmation button to level up! No 10 more than twice in a row or get rid of 10 altogether! Etc.


Trophy Lust, that is a great phrase. You might also include Dino Lust. Looking at your opponents or the top 50 and lusting after those level 30 monsters. Or feeling that if you have a certain Dino or level one up a little, it will make a huge difference, it won’t.

I also do not enjoy battling as much as I did, the current meta is not all that attractive to me. I still battle enough to get the daily but find myself doing more Friendly Battles. There is no NEED to win there and we can have actual fun battling with our teams.

I gave up worrying about trophy count or what Arena I was in long ago. It does not really matter anyway in the grand scheme. You will face about the same opponents as they are ± 450 Trophies. And the droppers are always going to be around so there is that chance of facing a top 50 team in any Arena. I just put in a fun team, for me, and have at it. It is rough getting that daily battle incubator one kill at a time, but those 3 at a time make up for it.

And remember what we hear after every tournament: The reward incubator was mostly stuff no one wanted and those that camped it out regret that decision. They would have received more, and better DNA, if they had just kept getting battle incubators and not worried about Tournament placement.


yeah. i dont buy incs unless its a good coin/cash deal. the dna is usually completely useless. untill they adjust those prices, no cash from me.


I was over 3900 trophies and now down to just over 3500. Trophies and tournaments are not the reason I play though. But lately between continuous runs of bad luck and constantly facing dinosaurs that are sometimes up to 5 levels higher than I am, I absolutely loathe having to battle at all to complete my daily missions. These shifts that put us in unevenly matched battles are the results of poorly designed tournaments and contests that put players in them whether they want it or not. Tournaments and contests need to be on a points system that has nothing to do with your trophy level and the battles need to be based on the team you are fighting with. I’d rather not be included in the tournaments at all and get nothing from them as long as I could face battle opponents for the daily/alliance missions that are of a similar caliber.


I fully agree with you.
I have play plenty of online game,and im impressed to have feedback of ludia about bugs,complain and other on the forum where you can actually talk to moderators,It won’t mean they will do something but at least,they are aware of it