Ludia, Just Why

Let’s be honest here, what happened 5 minutes ago was unacceptable, a 10/10 alliance misson incubator for everyone??, Like i didn’t even get the bug, so that’s essentially me getting so much more dna than what i was supposed to get (I got it to rank 6 only), I honestly feel bad for the people who got the bug.

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I haven’t even gotten my incubators yet. Let’s just chill for a minute

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I got a rank 10 one with no bug, and my sister too didn’t get the bug and got the rank 10 incubator. Maybe becaise of timezones, Maybe (It’s in the inbox)

Jsut got my first. Yeah it’s a rank 10. We usually hit 6. I’ll take it tho, if they quit messing up dst from now on.

Yeah it’s good to have extra dna but they could’ve done better, I guess they wanted to give out the rewards asap so Maybe that’s an excuse

I didn’t get anything in my mailbox if it makes you feel better.


There is one of them.

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