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Ludia know that the unique birds are trash

Was looking at the contents of the unique incubator and realised that Pteravexus and Stgydaryx aren’t available in them

Shows that even Ludia know that no one ( but maybe me) would want extra DNA to level these creatures


I wish I could have them, people might be thinking ‘Useless piles of rubbish’, but imagine one in badlands! :smiley:


Omg I didn’t even realize those two birds aren’t even available in the incubator. They need saving!

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I love them too

Save the birds


Love mine :blush:


It’s beautiful!

After realizing that, it genuinely made me laugh :joy:


Tuora its trash either

I dunno, I think it’s quite good actually. It’s high apex and has some nice health and a decent damage output, just isn’t so useful in this meta. I think Tuora is a solid unique better than Indo or the birds anyday

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I only batlle 2 maybe 3 tuoras all this season and they didnt survived for long has 3 turns at max, paramoloch its by far better ,i had enough dna to create him and didnt even bother with it and wasted all dna on dioraja wich is great after is last buff

Daryx is pretty solid.

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my Stigydaryx it’s level 25 and maybe i could level up to 26 but i want to create now Pterovexus:)
btw i love it
i’m the right matchs works really well

I think it’s quite good and super fun to use. Not everyone has the same opinion though


It could also mean that they will receive a huge buff in the upcoming patch. And ludia doesn’t wanna offer it’s DNA as it would create imbalance :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mine is working level 24. +1300 attack. 6k HP. 152 speed.

It still lacks distraction attack from Touajingosaurus but it doesn’t work that bad…

At least in my team working together with Purrutaurus and Edmontoguana.

Trophy? 5200/5300

Ooh, I hope so

I just can’t stop with this thing…

And though not a unique -


Since I’m on a soapbox and a mission right now, I’m gonna spread the word about giving Stygidaryx swap-in immobilize. Maybe people who’ve used it more can talk about whether or not they’d like that in its kit, but it seems with so few lockdown dinos, it’s a shame to let one superhybrid of a lockdown bird have no abilities that align with it.

Also, I just made my Daryx. Can’t decide whether to put it on my team or not, let alone whether to boost it. I’m only levels 20-22 for all my dinos. Thoughts, anyone?

The dumb thing about stygidaryx is the dinos its swap in invincible is best against are immune to its bleeding moves - erlidom, indom. Also, the dinos that its bleed may be useful against render its swap in move useless as they are shield breaking chompers - tryko, Thor. I suppose dropping in and out against tanks may be ok, but those are few these days and have better counters.

It’s just an overall poorly designed moveset, particularly for the endgame.

That’s what I keep thinking. No one at the level where everyone is slinging uniques is going to even use I. Rex anymore, which means Daryx counters maybe one of its fellow uniques? And people who are still facing I. Rex can just use Alankylo. This bird is completely obsolete, but it sure is pretty I guess. Glad to have used thousands of DNA making it…

At least a pin would make it helpful against Rats, and would keep it from getting knocked out by a swap to a counter-attacker, especially a shield-breaking one like Dioraja or anything with rending. A stun could let the bleed do its work on a heavier hitter like Tryko. Then buff its damage and it might become arena-viable.

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