Ludia knows where I stay


So today I was about 30 miles from home on a train and I seemed to lose GPS signal or something but the weird bit was it showed me at my house as if I was back home and it seemed odd that it knew were I stay I could just be paranoid but it seems weird



(2020200202020 characters)


No there stalking me there following me everyw… No you’re right that makes more sense thanks


OT: someone can explain me what means “202020” and “characters”? I saw a lot of people use them but I don’t know why :joy::see_no_evil:


You must type at least 20 characters in each post

As a forum joke people type (20 characters) or 2020202020


So who type “202020” is saying the post is useless?


Start making your tinfoil hats, people! LOL


How did you know I have a tin foil hat … you’re one of them admit it deep state


No they just don’t want to type 20 characters!


I agree (20 characters)

its for someone who doesn’t want to say more


20 characters …


19 characters…


Got it! Thanks :see_no_evil: