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Okay, okay… the counterparts idea is cool and all, ya know, you get to pick who you are more into in a sense. Then you whip out Brett and Susan, the first counterparts of the opposite sex, which is cool.

Now I’ve been matched with some of the ladies since the beginning, because I like to collect the gems from leveling up and just read a different story while I wait for other returns. We are THIS far into the game, some of us who have been playing since last summer, and now you’re cranking out counterparts of the opposite sex for other characters…? And we can’t even unmatch with who we have to switch counterparts? Why not implement that kind of feature before dropping this random slew of characters? Shoot, I would even start a whole story OVER if I could switch!! Now I’m stuck with Vitoria or Sage when I could have someone I’m a bit more interested in, such as Emerson (I believe is the new counterpart for those two), someone to actually give gems to, which in turn would make me want to spend more money on gems to play the way I want to, which in turn would bring you as a company more money. The same with those who would prefer Nicholas’ new counterpart, or Noah/Antoine’s and Jamie/Seth’s new counterparts. Where’s the logic here??

Are we getting a feature that allows us to switch counterparts? Replay a whole story? I appreciate the work you have done, truly, but some of the decisions just don’t make sense, frankly. I HOPE we are getting some big changes here soon because this money I have on VIP seems to be going way down the drain for just 15 extra gems every 6 hours, with the prices of everything going up anyway.

Also, if y’all could actually keep us updated through social media and the newsletter, that would be great. This was a huge bomb drop! If y’all need a social media coordinator, let me know, I will gladly do it for you :joy: It’s driving us awaaaaay!


All of this!! :clap: :clap: While Nicholas is one of my favs, the counterparts really needs to be released at the same time, it’s just unfair. Poor move on Ludia’s part :< It would be very cool to switch counterparts with whomever you prefer, and it makes to game much more enjoyable.

And a newsletter would be so awesome, so I can prepare who I can spend my gems on lol

I hope sometime in the future we can also choose our pronouns and have a button that can verify gem choices (to prevent accidentally spending the gems)


Okay…hold up…emerson? I have never seen that person…and noah/antoine has female counterpart?!

Today, they released Emerson Grey as a counterpart for Vitoria and Sage, Elizabeth Baker as a counterpart for Nicholas, Julia Greene is finally matchable, as a counterpart for Jamie/Seth, and Nina Hawk is also now matchable as a counterpart for Noah/Antoine.

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Damn it! I prefer guys and I want emmerson then! Im gonna go see if I can find his profile.

Aww man! Does this mean felicia will have a male counterpart?! Ugh!

Whos nicholas again?

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Nicolas Adley the match who is a time traveler! His counterpart has been revealed today! Her name is Elizabeth Baker :smiley:

Right! I’m more into the men and haven’t even talked to Vitoria since she has returned. I’d definitely be playing more if it was Emerson lol

It’s annoying that no one is brought out at the same time and that we currently have no fix for it. It’s like they want us to start over from scratch and lose everything we’ve spent. If they wanna charge us for switching, GO FOR IT! I don’t care, as long as I can get the person I actually want. I like that they’re making the game more inclusive, but it’s not fun when they start releasing new characters for older matches that we can’t switch to.


So yeah, there’s a chance that they’ll start trickling out new counterparts, like a male for Felicia, and opposites for everyone else. Aaaand I just find that unfair for older players. Or unfair in general for everyone because we can’t unmatch to play who we want.


Yeah it is!

Nicholas the tine traveller! How could I forget! Is there a Dr Vile counterpart yet too?

Can we do private messages on here?

So far Dr. Vile does not have a counterpart…at least not yet ^^;

And to private message, just click on the user’s name/icon and you might see the option to PM! ^^

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Agreed! I also prefer the male characters, but I would be willing to use gems to restart/switch counterparts/ replay the dates. But making major updates like this leaves the player to uninstall the game for the characters they prefer, which is frustrating. :confused:

People have been asking for this for a while, and Ludia seemed to be weirdly disinterested (it’s me—I’m people). But I’m hopeful maybe now they’ll really consider it, as I know for some people having these new counterparts might make them more interested in characters that previously they just entertained to get free gems. And if they’re more interested, maybe they’ll spend gems dating these counterparts they wouldn’t have spent on the originals.

In summation: letting us unmatch and switch to counterparts might mean Ludia makes more money! So, Ludia, make some money and let us switch to counterparts. :wink:


It makes me want to restart so I can get Ingrid, Nina, Julia and Elizabeth otherwise :roll_eyes:

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Same. But then I’d lose my progress on the holiday people. I forgot about them! :sob:

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I honestly don’t care too much for any of them

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Lucky for you! I quite like the Valentine character’s story (Theo) and would hate to lose them.

I’ve, embarrassingly, spent waaaaay too much money on this game to just restart lol


Even the ghost character which is in my wheelhouse just annoyed me

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Just saw Emerson. So upset I can’t pick him since I read some of the women’s stories when all the guys were away. Please add the choice to switch characters! I wasn’t aware of the counterparts when I started. If I had I would have chosen more carefully.


Emerson was randomly created along with Elizabeth and two unavailable characters became counterparts with no warning

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