Ludia... listen up


Idea… may he hard to pull off… might not be who knows… but let’s say were bored of playing in the arena we’ve been stuck at forever… how about we get to choose which arena we want to fight in provided you have it unlocked… would make for an easier way to obtain the arena specific (or so they say) dinos… just a thought


There would be too many seal clubbers. And in a way you would prevent other from raising up in ranks. I can’t imagine it being much fun for players with level 10 Dino’s going up against people with 20s


As if it’s any different than it is now…


I feel that you have just wasted 5 mins of your life writing that… They really just don’t care lol.


Ummm yeah. Battling over leveled dinos in lower arenas is fairly rare. High levels players have to spend a good afternoon dropping arenas in order to get there. Giving them a direct portal to lower anenas would be over kill. Also I can’t imagine it being healthy for the growth of the game ether. New players being constantly put up against matches that they have no chance of winning will inevitably cause them to leave the game. Imagine a Pokemon game where once you got your starter you have to face off against the elite four.


As I understand it, the match making system uses the number of trophies as a means of determining your opponent. By giving players a way of choosing the arena they fight in, it eliminates the need for them to drop their trophy count and thus reduce the likelihood of being mismatched with an opponent.


The biggest problem I see with this idea is there are many not so nice people out there ( if this forum is any indication :joy:)

That would not even hesitate to use their level 20+ to destroy everything they see!

Now if the system would restrict the dinosaurs you could use it could work but I highly doubt Ludia would want to figure out that nightmare!

What I am saying is if you go in arena 3 with your plan you would only have access to your weakest dinosaurs! Or only the ones that are comparable to that arena and that would need a complete retooling of the game getting rid of trophies completely and only pitting you against similar level dinosaurs


I’ve noticed that we can face opponents about up to about 300 trophies higher than ourselves… for example I’m at 3615 trophies, and the last person I battled (and actually won against) was at 3917 trophies.


@Kitalon What the OP wants to be able to do is simply jump into any arena without having to spend days loosing and days winning to get back! Many already do this to get the incubators in the lower arenas and I fully understand that. The problem is when higher level players drop down most of their dinosaurs are way overpowered than the ones they face.

This to me is not fair to the folks in the lower arenas as the higher players are there to keep winning incubators at all cost.

So the only way Ludia can even do this would be to place a restriction on what you use. That would prevent abuse of the system


I think its a great idea for those who want a change of scenery. I understand what the OP was saying. I would hope you would still be matched up with players at your level. Like in the friendly battles, dinos are lvl 26, and your backdrop is your arena. I play against friends standing next to me. I think you should be able to change the scenery to any lower level backdrops.


The issue Michael is 90% of the players only do this to get the incubators of the lower arenas and 10% just want to play with a different background!

The 90 will do whatever it takes to win

A better solution for the 90 is the ability to choose the arena incubators you want to win and stay in your current arena

The 10 could have the change your background solution

Unfortunately all of these ideas are probably very difficult to put in place! :+1::+1::+1:


I would like them to pit people based on the highest player on their team.

So if your highest team dinosaur is level 20, your put up against another player whose highest team dinosaur is level 20.

This way if you want to play your lower dinosaurs, you could make a team of level 10 dinosaurs and it would put you up against another team whose highest dinosaur is at level 10.

This would make more of a 50/50 chance to win.

This way if you don’t want to go up against legenary’s, you put together a team whose highest dinosaur is level 15. This way you only fight against epics.


This would defeat the entire purpose of the game… why would you want to go out and collect dna to level up a dinosaur when you can just be matched with ones at the level you already have them…


The best way to implement this would be not to limit which dinos you could use, but like the friendly battles change their lvl. If they wanna battle on the Arcadia to farm kentrosaurus then the lvl of the team would all be dropped to lets say 12.


It sounds to me like there are 2 objectives that are trying to be met with this suggestion:

  1. Choose which Arena Rewards you receive (of the Arenas you’ve already unlocked)
  2. Choose the Arena scenery (the background your dino’s fight in)

Both of these can be accomplished without having to be matched up with players within those arenas Trophy counts.

The game can still match you up with players based on your trophies, and give you the choice of what rewards you want to play for, then perhaps the person with the higher trophy count can choose the background.

I think this would satisfy everyone’s concerns… with the exception of Ludia still needing to do some tweaking with matchmaking in general.


I agree but in this case it’s for people that want to fight in lower arenas than the one they are in for whatever reason!

The OP wants to just be able to switch around at will and that would be disastrous for the folks that actually belong there due to the level of their dinosaurs.


Well if it pulls off trophy count and EVERYONE is able to do so(switch arenas without dropping) then it would still pit you against people around your level… if the concern of being overleveled arises then the idea of a level cap on your dinos wouldn’t be too bad… or even limitations… dont matter whatever works


People in lower levels are being crushed BECAUSE people are dropping trophy levels… if you’re able to switch levels without dropping trophies youd see a lot less mismatched battles than you would if I were to drop levels… my dinos levels dont drop only my trophies