Ludia logic this week

Put 2 common dinos out for 2 days and for a 3rd day mix the 2 commons with the 2 rare dinosaurs. Put the 2 rare dinosaurs out on the mixed day, then a full day alone, then for their last day cut it short and put the legendary out that was supposed to be mixed with the rare. Just cut the remainder of the rare day short unexpectedly.

So give the 2 commons the longest period of the week and shorten the 2 rare dinosaurs.

Makes sense.

I dun even care anymore for Ludia’s logic. Just dun mess up the towers and make sure i can dart my rares.


Yeah true. Strike towers are more important. They should just do my idea I put in where they take them off the map and make a tab of all towers you can select and battle. Then you won’t miss any.

But I missed a few rares because I thought I had tonight. I don’t need either of them but it’s the principle.

I’m kinda irked the rares were cut short. Doesn’t make sense why they cut them early…

It’s a good thing all of them are garbage :grin:

Where is the Diplodocus Strike Tower.

I’m glad I’ve darted all 12 tenontos before the switch happened. I’m surrounded by that annoying paramoloch.

No green supply drops for almost two days. No Diplo strike within reach. Thus I decided to buy some food/toiletries and do the strike and get some Tenontos on my way.
Really annoying to miss so much coins and supply drop items (plus some dinos and strikes on top). But I understand that Ludia supports us as much as they can in this lockdown situation.

I can’t even see the Diplo strike - and I have around 50 stops around me.

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I missed out on Tenontos… only had 5 from first two days.

I made another post about why we needed advanced strike towers to take up space for 3 days. That’s 3 stops gone. Then Para now takes up another. So I have to walk outside the perimeter to get anything at all, but since it’s such a crap week I just pop a Giga instead.

On top of all that, the timer on paramoloch is going for another 23 hours yet…
basically giving 1 2/3 days for one attempt.

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