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Thor does 3,5k damage turn 1
Ludia: That’s okay because it’s a unique and a high damage dino
Utarinex does 2k damage turn 1


I love Adventure Time memes!!:rofl:

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Utarinex also distracts, has 126 speed, gained a slow move , and can swap out soooooo


yes i agree thor should only do 2k damage turn 1 and should have the same speed and kit as rinex.


Thor is in the same family, and built like the Trex. They should be able to output that damage, their speed compensated for that. Let’s not forget rinex rampage also distracts. That nerf was acceptable.


And here I am simply enjoying the meme… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is a meme, no need to take it seriously. I do not believe thor needs a nerf or that damage is unjustified(although that utarinex nerf was kind of unfair)


I’m … um keep watching looking at these posts.


they also nerfed monomimus… twice… because of the “rarity of it’s components”… being an arena exclusive and local only epic…

then gave a gen 2 common a SIA shattering rampage, made it a global spawn temporarily, increased the spawn rate… then gave it’s legendary hybrid (that you only need another gen2 common to make) the same ability.

ludia IL-logic :man_shrugging:


Rinex acts first against more opponents than does Thor

Sidenote: I’m sorry for your loss @CleverBoy

Here rests monomimus: 2018-2019
Taken before it’s time. Gone but not forgotten.
“Better to have dodged and lost, than never to have dodged at all”



Of all the dinos affected by the nerf to distracting rampage rinex was the least effected. It got a turn 1 distract and is pretty tanky for a fast damage dealers.

Then you have pyrritator and spinotahraptor who now have to wait until theyve already been one shotted before they can distract.


Lmfao :joy::sob: oh my gosh how accurate ! Ludia hates monomin so hard. Their players must have lost to it so many times during testing battles.


Thor is fine where it is, but Utarinex did take a pretty hard hit with the removal of its Distracting Rampage


This graphic further fuels my impression that Ludia’s creative team is led by 5 year olds


the “gross miscalculation” was nerfing its speed to 127 :wink:
even indoraptor is now faster :joy::joy::joy:


I think the real gross miscalculation was buffing monostego everytime they nerfed monomimus.

The first mono nerf was bad enough… but i was hoping theyd give it sonething back in 1.6 so saved most of my mono dna. Then I read the patch notes and decided it was time to start fusing monostego.

I dont understand why there is something like the sino line where an argument can be made for any dino in that line. Then you have monomimus, whos dna is now a clear waste of mono dna and his unique is a waste of both mono and darwin dna.

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