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Ludia Mad Science: The UnSloth

Behold, the world’s fastest sloth! What mad experiments did Ludia conduct to create this UnSloth? Unboosted, it’s way faster than even Haast Eagle!


Should have boosted the attack and health

i don’t think its boosted. its just used camouflage twice


Why did you do that

Think you need to read the description of “Camouflage” a little closer…


lasts for two turns, meaning you can do it twice.

With an Immunity to Decel I have a bad feeling about its eventual hybrid…

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Don’t. Edaph has a lot of immunities but it’s hybrid only kept immune to crit reduction… Wonderful since it lost Edaph’s boosted crit rate and only has 5%.

Let’s be honest, in most cases a resistance to speed reduction might as well be none.

Yeah, it only matters if you have two creatures slowing each other, and one’s resistant while the other isn’t. That happens how often? I don’t even know. Not that frequently, I imagine.

I thought this was about eremo…

He was using edaphosaurus as an example to say that eremotherium’s future hybrid will not necessarily have immunity to deceleration

Eremo is not Immune to Decelaration.