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Ludia made good on Maiasaura DNA return!

With all of the not so positive issues that may be going on with the new update, Ludia thank you very much for making good on returning the Maiasaurus DNA return from when it was overly costly to evolve with at the beginning of the 1.9 roll out! You did right by me and rather timely even though I bugged you about it.

Good job!


Still no return for me, maybe I’m still on queue

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Same here for Indoraptor Gen 2! Thank you, support team!

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Yes, thank you Ludia for returning the dna we lost due to the bug… it’s very much appreciated… :slight_smile:

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No return for me yet either

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I got my share too.

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I didn’t got my return of DNA yet, but I’ve received an answer from Ludia, with detailed information about the fusions in which I “lost” Maiasaurus DNA. I’m supposed to get all the lost DNA. It was the first time I opened a ticket on JWA, and I am very satisfied!

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It took about a day and I was impressed, thanks Ludia! The game may have its share of issues, but everytime I’ve had a problem they have made it right :slightly_smiling_face:

Still noting for me, i just recieved the automatic reply

Got mine back too thank you very much people from support :smiley: