Ludia manipulating reviews

It was at 4.3 a few weeks ago and suddenly it’s back at 4.5 - everyone, we are fighting the empire


It’s still 4.3 for me

Not exactly unreasonable to assume some positive reviews came in considering 2 recent updates. Let’s keep the conspiracy theories at a minimum

Do you know how many positive reviews have to come in at 85,000 reviews to move something from 4.3 to 4.5?

Do you know how many negative reviews you’d have to delete?


Numbers don’t lie. I don’t understand how anybody has ludias back on this or anything else right now… unless they work for ludia, which it seems as though the opposition here might.


I’ve changed my review to a 1 star. So have a lot of the player base :thinking: this company with run itself to the ground if they continue the way they have been.

It’s actually rather sad that you believe anyone who doesn’t agree with you must work for the enemy. The game has a great many problems, I don’t think they’re manipulating their ratings

Your optimism is cute.

it’s at 4.2 in the google play store

companies can sometimes have fake customer accounts to post positive reviews. do i think its enough for this? eh… conspiracies arent my thing.

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Well I mean if you don’t really care about all the negatives of the last two updates or it doesn’t affect you, and you don’t really care about balance, then yeah, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable. But I’m not getting into this conspiracy.

I wish I had the screenshot when it was 4.3 in the Apple store a few weeks ago.

Ludia would have needed to collect tens of thousands of 5 star ratings (note it has only gotten 85,000 in its entire lifetime) to move from even a 4.4 to 4.5

And almost all e-commerce products/brands online moderate their review and hide bad ones. Buyers beware!

If so actually yes, it is fairly common for companies to submit negative reviews to Make sure that people aren’t posting multiple negative reviews. I am by no means suggesting that ludia should have a high rating I’m just saying that they’re not doing something nefarious to manipulate the number, They are certainly no more guilty of it than any other game company