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Ludia may consider different tournaments for different players(legit vs cheating)


Seems many people have reported cheating to ludia…and seems ludia do not seriously look into this situation. Maybe it is the cheaters also pay for coins and create some liquidity, which make ludia’s performance better in terms of player participation and financial results…which can also increase its advertisement income… This reason, perhaps, retains further investigation into possible cheating behaviors and no punishment…
( i found at least 10 spoofers website…by googling “jwa” “cheat”, which means cheating exists and prevails)

But soon or later, legit players will feel tired of dealing new players suddenly full of lvl 30 unique teams and leave…That will hurt ludia itself eventually…

I suggest a dual tournaments approach: one arena for legit players and one for cheaters.

legit deal with legit, and cheaters deal with cheaters…both tournaments have prizes and rankings…i think cheaters also like to be star so that their fellows praise them no. 1 in JWA competition…BLAH BLAH BLAH…

What do you think, Ludia?


I haven’t looked for them but not all cheat sites are legitimate cheat sites. Some are just there to cheat a victim out of money or information. Some are their so a person will download a virus. Some are put up by the game developer themselves to catch cheaters. This next one isn’t in game cheating but still makes me laugh; I can’t remember the name of the game but there was one developer that created their own pirate site and put their own game on it. For the most part, the pirated game played normal, but the pirated copy of the game was crippled. It could not be completed and once you reached a certain point in the game, your stuff was pirated and your money started going down and no matter what you tried you couldn’t get anything back.


The cheat sites arent even that huge of a problem… its the discord channels that post cordinates of epics that are what the real problem is sadly unless ludia is gonna go into the rooms and post cords to some remote location the punish those that dart them… there isnt much we as a community can do…

Be funny if erlich staryed spawning on some unihabited island and ludia leaked the cords.


u mean this kind of discord?
@Koolasuchus 40.7598,-73.98981

@Baryonyx 40.75789,-73.99453

@Rajasaurus 40.7728,-73.96467


Oh noes! You guys no how to spoofs, yous mus bee spooferz!

Cheaters cheaters!

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do not be childish! this is almost open on the internet, i know this does not mean i am using it.

the more i understand, the more i feel ludia unwilling and unable to ban! that’s why i propose dual tournaments!!!


I got accused several times of being a spoofer when I posted similar posts containing spoofing information.
Knowing how to spoof and doing it are not the same thing.

Me, I think Ludia needs to pick a side. Either allow spoofing or ban all known spoofers.
You can’t have both and keep legitimate players paying and playing.
Keeping cheaters is going to lose you the legitimate players.

In PoGo, spoofers don’t affect legitimate players, even in PvP. I could care less if you have a full army of 100IV creatures, it doesn’t affect my gameplay. In JWA that is not the case, spoofers absolutely affect game play of others.

For those unaware, PoGo shut down the source of obtaining creature coordinates (locations) and instituted heavier ban waves right around the time JWA launched, it was well known among the cheating circles JWA had zero anti cheating measures in place. It was like they put out the red carpet for cheaters leaving PoGo.


My apologies that sarcasm doesn’t come across well on internet forums. I assure you, my comment regarding you being a spoofer was in sarcastic jest at the many dim wits here that continually accuse others with knowledge of spoofing, of being cheaters.

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