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Ludia maybe tweaking crit. chances now?

It’s been nearly 5 days playing battles in which my Touramoloch and my recently created Smilonemys are dealing a massive amount of critical hits. Especially Touramoloch in both counter attack and normal attacks.

Maybe just coincidence but was wondering if Ludia can do “LIVE tests” changing values without deploying a new update.

Anyone else noticed it?

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My Dio crits like crazy too

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Okay I swear rhino is like getting one every two hits(this both in strikes and some battles) cause like I got a crit in 10 matches straight with that thing

I haven’t noticed any particular changes myself. Guess I’ll see if more crits do decide to happen

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I’ve also noticed my Thor getting like very few crits compared to stuff like tryko, magna, or maxima

This meme was brought to you by the #buffTheRhino society


My Gemini seems to crit as often as my Indoraptor G2 lol, ever since creation. But you can’t really say for sure whether the chances have changed, since crits have always been weird like that.
You’d need a massive amount of data.

It’s just a feeling. Maybe I’m just wrong but Toura is giving an absurd rate of crit (positive for me XD).

Im not saying it has changed but the possibility Ludia is doing live tests changing values.

Now if only my Tenontorex could crit more often…

Monolorhino, now gets a 100% guaranteed critical hit each turn.

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Any counter-attacker with a 5% crit will feel greater than that, because it deals more attacks than a 5% without a counter.
As for any others… just JWA RNG.