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Ludia, Megalosuchus needs BUFF


Please consider giving a BUFF, any kind: Defense Shattering Strike OR Defense Shattering Rampage OR Increase Speed OR Cleanse Impact.
Being a Legendary, this is failing to stand longer time with even Rares/Birds. It dies even with the Gorgosuchus (level 17). Fusing Megalosaurus alone is difficult considering how hard it is to find Gorgosaurs/Kaprosuchus/Megalosaurs for DNA. And ending up without making any good value to my team.



Either that or gorgosuchus needs a nerf cos gorgo (epic) is stronger than mega (legendary).

I think meglosuchus either needs long protection or shattering strike. Big proglems are either the shield wearing off too quickly or not being able to break opponents shields

Megalosuchus definitely needs a shattering attack of sorts. Even if it was a simple strike in place of pinning strike. Another alternative is to perhaps give it a swap in ability perhaps…but this dino needs some love.

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Cant really compare them as they have different roles.
Shattering strike would be perfect for it

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Both has 50% damage increase but Gorgo is faster which means you get to strike first.

I have lvl 17 mega and 15 Gorgo.

Mega level 17
health 2805
speed 115
damage 645
ferocious strike + 50%, critical increase to 45%, shield 50% 2 turns, counter 1x damage

Gorgo level 15
health 2105
speed 120
damage 796
ferocious strike + 50%, destroy shields, bypass armor, 2x damage, cleanse plus 1.5x damage, crit 20%

while the counter of 1x damage is a help the difference of 154 damage combined with the full time crit diff of 15% and the destroy shields plus 2x damage makes Gorgo too strong when you throw in the speed diff on top. Buff Mega with the destroy shields and raise his crit chance perm to 15% and increase damage and speed. You might think that is too much of a buff but keep in mind this is with a Gorgo 2 levels below the Mega. This should never have been done this way.