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Even better if it wins you the match

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Guys, the game glitched when I accidentally turned off my phone and I saw “Metriacanthosaurus Gen 2” at the top of my screen!

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Except if you don’t win any speed ties :pleading_face:

I have won speed ties before, but they’re the ones where the opponent isn’t trying because it doesn’t matter who wins them. I’ve never won a speed tie that was match-deciding in all my time playing this game, and I started soon after launch.

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A Thor with swap in DSR and rampage and instant charge with all immunities and 131 speed… Stiffeno you have created a monster!


And then max boost it to boot :crazy_face:

Actually I suggested Tri-brids a number of months back so I think it would be a good idea, providing it doesn’t lead to things like you described though and is balanced.

Mix 3 level 26 dinosaurs for super end game creatures, add longevity to the game and something to strive for!

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One of these days us Aussie players will get to experience the joy of winning a speed tie😉


Lol did you ever get back into the game or have tried 2.0

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I did install it to check out the new dinosaurs, and even had some DNA to get a fuse on Maxima, just needed to fuse a 20 to unlock it… I uninstalled the game after I pressed fused though, I wont bother explaining why🙄

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