Ludia messed up this event

Ludia messes up this event bad Ripper and Inde should be spawning in the wild. That is Ludia for you not thinking of the players and only thinking of how to make money. Just like the coins are a way to make money. Ludia start thinking of the players and not your pockets book.


You never know, maybe that is what will happen on the big day itself?

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I don’t think so Ludia doesn’t care about the players they only care about money.

You do realize “It’s a business”.


Once you get adapted with their dullness it’s not not really a big deal, still a joyful game regardless.

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You do realize that they also have 11 games. They could make on for the players that is not all about money.

It is a fun game but I think it should be a true free to play game.

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To some extent, it is. But just like most other games, p2w always transcend f2p players. Can’t blame them for that. I have seen things worse so to speak.


I’m one of the first to say that Ludia is a company and they need to make money but they also need to make things like the recent tournaments fun for everyone else.

It costs real money to support any web based game. Servers are expensive, bandwidth isn’t free, it takes coders to make and update the game. Any true free game would quickly erode the host company’s assets.

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are you offering to fund it?


Some of you are totally unrealistic and unreasonable with your expectations of games. If you don’t want to pay, don’t pay! But you can’t be annoyed that people want to make a living and aren’t wasting hours, days, weeks, and months making a game that doesn’t generate any income for them, that would be insanity.


Agreed, @Jurose.

And as far as the event showcase itself goes, the event just started today. It’d be one thing if Ludia scheduled maintenance for all of Wednesday, or if the Event Drops were glitching and not allowing people to take all 6 tries darting Epics. But no, it’s Monday, with everything functioning perfectly fine thus far.

For crying out loud, not seeing Legendary and Unique creatures in the wild has nothing to do with the event showcase offerings. The two issues are completely unrelated. If anything, players should be glad to see creatures featured in events that might not ordinarily be found in the wild (i.e. Alanqa, Gallimimus, Blue, Legendary & Unique creatures, etc.)

Would it be nice if they were found in the wild? Sure.
Am I going to complain about Ludia offering them in the showcase event? Absolutely not.


@Rob_Lavalle what do you do for your job? depending on what it is of course :grimacing: can you do it for free? and make it not about the money?

I haven’t spent a red cent on this game but I still enjoy it, and every aspect of the game is still available to me. It just takes me a little more hard work than it would if I spent money on it. Ludia is a business and has no obligation to give us anything at all for free, all they’re offering at a price is convenience and shortcuts. Just because you don’t like that, doesn’t mean it’s Ludia’s problem. No one is making you continue to play.


And also, damn, they didn’t have to give us any event at all for Halloween. Why can’t we appreciate what we got (for free) instead of yelling that it’s not good enough? Sounds a bit entitled.


Ludia gross monthly income is over 25 million dollars.making a few changes to JWA would not bankrupt them. I am just saying that coins need to go away and the battle arenas need to be worked on.

I am an app developer and I have made free apps and guess what I have made money also when a company’s gross monthly income is on 25 million dollars making a few changes to the game would not bankrupt them

A business with an over 25 million dollars monthly gross income.

do you have to buy the rights to Jurassic World from Universal to make your app :money_mouth_face: ? Or pay google to use their maps? or develop a game that spawns things all over the world? design dinosaurus that take 2 months each to make?

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