Ludia missed a chance.... Where's the bird?

What a great week to have the Dino of the week be Erliko… We all settle down after a long day of eating turkey… and go dart some birds. Maybe next year.


No more birds again plz

I mean the non-flying dinos birds like the beloved Big Golden Bird Erliko

yesssss. a whole week of birds wouldve been great. Not flying reptiles. no one wants those. But Deinocheirus, Gallimimus, Ornithomimus, Erlikosaurus Gen 1 and Gen 2. Maybe even have a monomimus day? :thinking: Wouldve been awesome. BUT Thanksgiving is United States only. So it makes sense why they didnt,

Bird bird bird b-bird‘s the word…

But seriously I‘d definitely like to see Erlikosaurus during week event.
Or Ouranosaurus. Haven‘t seen her since many months she‘s still lvl 11 for me.

Atm you wont see much only einio, suchu and majunga…

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Ourano has been a weekly dino before tho. Erlik hasnt. I could probably get my erlidom to 26 if they made erlik a dino