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Ludia mission comedy


Ludia, why?
You started with this mission, u sent thousands of troops out to the field, DARTING dinosaurs, collecting their DNA, cook their meat and open the INCUBATORS see how good the food was.
You instructed your soldiers to PRACTICE themselves how to dart dinosaurs, you have too much bullets and u want us to FIRE them at will till our fingers cramp.
You don’t like velociraptor, is too common, u want us find RARE and EPIC but u keep them in the cage didn’t let them run in the wild…so smart to make us run everywhere but cannot find them.
You want me bring my caught dinos go arena battle, yet u always match me with ALIENS which i have no match.
You only supply me ONE CAN of food to open a day, i will die as i need 3 meals as minimum.

Then suddenly before the FIRST mission end, your command post hit by thunder strike, broke down.
Your soldiers crying in the field, they don’t know what to do.
No idea if they will get their medals and trophies, but u immediately calm them down by paying them one more hot dog.
They were so happy, and even more when they see a NEW MISSION deployed.
But, within hours, they all sit down and TAKE A BREAK, HAVE A KIT KAT…
:joy: :joy: :joy:


Very beautiful.
Let’s get a part 2!

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I just hope everyone don’t be so serious, i see most posting are so serious, about what to do, why why why…
Why not relax a little and make fun out of it, is more enjoyable…
Always into the forum but only see complaints…