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**LUDIA MODS PLZ READ** *For the Carnivore Lovers**


As a suggestion for a game event, I think it would be epic if Ludia does a Week event with nothing but carnivores, as I feel it would help the newer players trying to raise up velociraptors, and other pricey dna Dinos. I hope the Moderators read this and please pass it along to the games creators for consideration.

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That’s a really great idea @Meitha_WhiteMoon!!

Those are probably the most desired class of dinos for the majority of players …

We do have a “fierce week” that was pretty recent and also a fast/raptor week that I think we’ll probably see again sometime soon …

(I’ll never say no to either one tho :sunglasses:)

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They really, really need to add Erlikosaurus to the fast category…


@TheOneSpark I totally agree bro!! I think I’ll have to make a reminder thread about it :shushing_face::grin:


Thank you!!