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LUDIA: Monomimus is the new Procerathomimus! PLAYERS:

It can be slowed.


Whoa. Since it can be Decelerated, and Resilient moves are a thing, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, if you have the right creatures. It also can’t nullify shields.

It isn’t as good as the pre-2.0 Procerathomimus, but it’s nice to see it being used anyway.


Resilient moves : oh your approaching me?!


I was really surprised to see it for that reason.
Then again, I’m still seeing loads of Procerathomimus’ running around boosted, so maybe some people haven’t read the new notes fully?

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Nah they just instantly went back and thought the old op dinos would still be good, surprise surprise they wasted a lot of boosts for nothing

Then they be like why you nerf them, better question why did you invest in them AGAIN AFTER LUDIA GAVE YOU A CHANCE TO SWITCH?


As much as I don’t agree with how big of a nerf Procerathomimus got, yeah. That’s definitely a better question. Why did they invest back into her? :thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl:


They just think well it kicked butt last patch guess it still does Now…better boost it to high heaven, plus it doesn’t take much work to make it. This why there is still boosted prorats, indos, Thor’s,and others, people want what easy to make so they will invest into what’s easy to make.

Other times people don’t care a just want to troll with a 149 speed Thor or this…

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I honestly don’t think that having a creature be good and easy to make is necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I really think at least one really good creature should be, at least among the Uniques. Just so that us free to play players have a good option to get without having to invest money. That’s just me.

True but then that also makes a loop hole Thor is fine being easier to make than Tenato or tryko but overall it should never be better than them cause then what’s the use in hunting and fusing dna for better hybrids?

That’s why people had a problem with prorat, it was easy to level and yet it better than monomimus in every way possible. Again an epic being = to a legendary isn’t wrong but when it also beats way more things than the legendary that’s where the problem comes in.

At least monomimus is harder to obtain and level.

And it’s not ugly


And has cool colors :sunglasses:

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I still use indo g2 (unboosted) lol, too many nitro Thor in aviary. I will replace her after i get tryko or dio

My theory is that people like the nullifying counter. It seems to be fairly useful, at least in my experience using Orion. That said, procerathomimus goes down super easily against basically any resilient now so I’m also confused about why people keep using it as much as they are.

Lol ya speaking of this guy just like gave up after I killed his

And it was one one of two boosted dinos guess what the other one was

So ya idk why people thinks it’s good it’s like you said Thor but maxima, tentao, tryko, and other easily take it down

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Fortunately there’s no “new ProceRat” (thank the dude in the sky) with the huge dodge nerf and the fact that almost everything can be slowed. Honestly, if they wanna keep this new Resilient moves, they should abandon the evasion mechanics completely. If they wanna keep the evasion, then forget about Resilient… Moves that go through evasion and slow down at the same time make 99% of dodgers useless, I bet not just in the meta but even on low rarity tournaments.


instead of running away you’re coming right to me?


This. If the op does not have resilient moves, mono is going to be a pain. With resilience though…its not very strong. I tried it for a bit, I find, more often than not, it gets eaten up by resilient moves and is not really a cornerstone team member at this time.

Whoop whoop! :tada: Whoop whoop! :tada: He’s Back! Fellows, He’s back.

Back from the grave tonight! He’s come to haunt you.