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Ludia must implement the solo raids, and a menu to select the bosses

Why is this necessary? Because when we do not have raid invitations we could do them alone without having to wait for someone to invite you, when you do not have bosses in your game range, for that other issue the bosses should appear in a menu to be able to select them when they are not in the playing circle of your rank.
For these reasons, solo raid options are necessary, that does not mean that current raids have to disappear, it is quite the opposite, it is another option to make boss raids more flexible.

Raid menus I’m all for, since I can only get like 1 raid boss a week, but I am not entirely sure about solo raids. Raids are meant to be done with others, a group effort, and I know it can be frustrating to have to use third party communication sometimes to complete them, but still, I like how raids are a group effort rn and so I’m not sure about solo raids

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solo raids could kinda be a thing. maybe an alliance raid boss where you would work with your alliance to whittle down the hp of the boss but not need to form a group. You would get a couple of tries a day and at the end of the week everyone would get rewards based on how much damage you did to that boss.

Solo raids would be nice