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Ludia needs more Fierce creatures

Most of the end game creatures are resilient so to balance that out there should be a push towards fierce here’s a few ideas using creatures in the game that don’t have uniques or don’t have fierce uniques

Some of these might be unbalanced but that is easily fixed I would just like some sort of push to get fierce creatures in the end game because then that would push more of a need for cunning creatures ultimately helping to balance the game

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@Justen_Toivonen great ideas! I made a post similar to this The Solution to the Meta + Endgame Fierce Concepts , would be cool to see ur ideas posted there as well :fire:

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I think indom allo is a good idea but I think I would swop rending takedown for a smaller rend move because I think revenge cloak rending takedown would 1 shot everything.
But they are good ideas and we need more fierce to remove the resilient meta.

Pls, they should not have rend resistance.

The third one I love. Maybe nerf the attack a little bit (make it 1200-1350) and I could see it actually in the game.

download (14)
Take a look

Some are too OP. I like the last one tho

Thing is, the meta has changed, it’s not really a resilient meta anymore. It’s chomp and swap. Bringing in more fierces will just strenghten it even further. Cunnings are still oppressed, but bringing more fierces to the table won’t make them better, swap ins would need to be nerfed first

Raids, does well in pvp. Only a true cunning will trash this girl

If you got to put one idea you saw or made into the game what would it be

The main reason rend resistance is to push back the use of swap in damage it always felt like the only reason to not swap something in was to avoid a large hit and if these were to survive in most cases the swapper idea starts to go away

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