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Ludia needs some BUG SPRAY fasttttttt .!. ( too many bugs in game )


So many times over the last couple of weeks there has been one glitch / bug / error after another and its driving players of the game crazy as a starving locust swarm about to chow down on a farm full of ripe harvests.!.
Ludia can you please do something about all these in game bugs, glitches, errors as it is driving us all bonkers trying to play the game we all love .!.
( see attached main picture for reference of what i am talking about ).!.


I’ve got a couple for ya. Has anyone ever had superiority strike remove your shield or invincibility? I thought it was only supposed to remove negative effects! Also, I made a thread about this a while ago, but it needs to be seen some more haha.


The picture of the arena is not a creature. All the arena pictures are actually half a picture and then mirrored on the other side. You see a pattern simply because the image is symmetrical so it actually has created a pattern but it’s not making a new image.


Oh yeah? I got both of those beat:
TWICE I scored three victories in a battle only to have the battle continue when the opponent’s auto swap move took away the dead dinosaur I’d just defeated & replaced it with a new one! The first time it happened I was lucky to win but the most recent one ended in a draw (so I decided to grab a few screen pics to document it). Check it out. You can clearly see me fighting on despite already having three victories


read note at the center top of the attached picture follow instructions
and you will see the creature i am talking about.!.


I see what you are talking about. I’m saying it’s not a creature it’s simply a symmetrical image due to the mirroring.


Hey JoeVolcano27, the number of attempts you get for a dinosaur is no longer linked to just one, take a look at our FAQ here for more information: If you’re having an issue with your connection, trying some of the troubleshooting steps on this thread could help: Stuck on loaded screen of game?
Feel free to reach out to our support team at with your support key if you’re still having any issues.


Well yeah, it cleanses, removing any effect, not just negative ones.


I honestly didn’t realize that. Haha thank you for pointing it out


I’m shocked that you used all 6 attempts at Pyroraptor and only got 74 dna. You have to hit the little white circle that appears on the dinosaur’s body.

Also, that’s why you couldn’t get Blue. You used all your attempts on Pyroraptor.

btw, how long did it take you to put that image together?


Bigs for when driving and gps goes mad and takes you to narnia and back in a single trip or not moving at all mossing out on valueble dna ie ourano