Ludia needs to stop this!

I have to make this post because it upsets me so much what Ludia does to us.

I understand that changing meta of dinosaurs is needed to make the game fair but this should be done wisely and with caution. People spend REAL MONEY to level up dinosaurs and I find it very disgusting that Ludia makes some hybrids worth getting and then crippling them after a massive number of people used their precious and hard to get ingredients on them. I would be fine with this as long as they allow us to de-level those dinos so we can use all ingredients and coins on other hybrids that Ludia upgraded.

  1. Monomimus - I don’t buy their excuse/reasoning for their drastic nerf as they increased its HP in the last update and now they want to take it back and even made its HP lower prior to update 1.4? I’m sorry but that is just crazy. It’s shady that Ludia made people to spend all their coins and Monolophosaurus DNA to make Monomimus. If I knew that was coming I would level up Monostegotops instead!

  2. Stegodeus - Yes, let’s cripple it so people will have to spend more money on other hybrids that can beat armoured dinos. Money, money and money again.

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Will you also pay back all the incubators, trophies and other resources you gained by using your overpowered dinosaurs?

No? Then quit complaining. You invested into overpowered dinosaurs all well knowing it could backfire. The blame is on you.

Besides, if they overnerf it, they might buff it back to a stronger level later. See Touramoloch.


Tuoramoloch didnt get any stronger, only the small attack buff for losing stun on basic attack

The main thing people whined about Touramoloch was that it had weak attack. They buffed that. And now it also has superiority strike, which is huge for her.

The kit itself has always been good.

What are you talking about? Who said I gained anything from free incubators? I haven’t been using the battle arena for weeks! And even I did, that doesn’t change anything. I spent real money to buy dino currency so I could level them up. Please read with understanding and then make comments…

And how so it is relevant you haven’t used an opportunity? That is your loss you didn’t, nothing should be balanced / altered due to incompetence.

Bohoooo, you spent real money. Guess what? Lot of players do. Die anyone point a gun to your skull to level up OP dinosaurs with real money?

I guess it is highly unlikely the answer is “yes”. Again, it was common sense Stegodeus and Momomimus will get a nerf. You decided to invest short-term to reap benefits, but it was a given it will be with a long-term cost.

So I guess maybe learn how to maximize benefit and profit in a game like this and try to bear consequences of your own actions. It’s not hard.

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Holy moly! Chill a bit, u two!

Oh dear. It’s so amusing to read your comments. You still don’t get it! Once again, read with understanding please? Who said I have over leveled dinos?

Stop acting like you know everything. I bet you never spent any money on that game. Are you jelous?

All games I have been playing offer some sort of way of recycling heroes/creatures we don’t want any more to get used resources and what not. Why can’t we can that from Ludia considering their constant changes in meta?

Stegodeus isn’t crippled and Ludia never forced you to choose one dino over the other.


They haven’t done it yet but it will happen once they change its Armour Piercing Rampage to regular Rampage.

Ludia didn’t force me to do anything but it was a common sense to choose the one with better stats, right? :wink:

Everybody has invested something into dinos that got nerfed be it time or money, but it served its purpose whilst it’s still strong. Now we’ll be doing the same on dinos that got buffed…until they nerfed it later. That’s the name of the game. Accept that and you won’t be disappointed.


Lol. I can see you feel angry, insecure and realise your point is null and void that you resort to ad hominems against me.

Why would I be jealous? I have a pretty solid team and I am more than happy about my current battle ranking.

But since I find amusing that you act so angry and self-entitled, here is a screenshot proving I do spend money on this game. Just so you can come up with something more creative to call me out on.

Yeah, I understand that. I definitely won’t be investing my money into dino coins to level them up any more. I just didn’t think they would nerf some of them so badly like Monomimus (HP). I’m fine with meta adjustments but taking so much HP is a bit too much. :slight_smile:

If you didn’t notice I was talking about all people that wasted their money, not just myself. You’re quite rude so please let’s agree to disagree and stop that conversation.

Don’t be. That’s intentional. We spend resources. Eventually it will get nerfed.

As pointed out in another thread, I don’t have much money to spend. Not on this game anyways. So, I will now rely on free resources. It will take time to develop a nice team again. But who cares when and if you battle in a much lower arenas. Most players aren’t using Uniques and super hybrids. Enjoy life. Less stress. We can even use those L15 - L20 dinos here…

Better variety of dinos. And it is a challenge to learn their movesets as well.

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I’m aware of the upcoming changes but that doesn’t mean Stegodeus is crippled. People will just have to find a new dino to carry their team if that’s all they’re counting on to win matches. And plenty of people went with Monostego instead of Monomimus, so apparently not everyone thought Monomimus was the better choice. Nerfs will always happen with updates. I’ve been a victim of it multiple times.


Not really. You say you haven’t battled in the arena for a while, so why would you even level up your stegodeus? I haven’t been battling for a while either (for different reasons) but I chose to use my resources to unlock other dinosaurs. I could do that because I wasn’t battling. I didn’t need to level my stegodeus past 19.

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Frankly speaking Monomimus was way overly OP. I’m not sure if Ludia programmed its evasion wrongly but being able to evade over 10 times is plain ridiculous. I have a lvl 19 monomimus and it has taken out a lvl 26 indoraptor unscathed before. In fact if the monomimus is in one of its better mood, it can crush an opponent 3-0 and by that fact alone, it makes other dinos irrelevant…not something Ludia is aiming for.

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Yeah I haven’t been battling because it’s too difficult to win and I don’t want to be angry or frustrated. I like collecting DNA and levelling up dinos and also participate in events.

Then you’ve learned an expensive lesson. Don’t level up dinosaurs you aren’t going to use.