Ludia Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Listens... Except That One Time

I decided to post this as a new topic but just wanted to respond to this overwhelming opinion that Ludia doesn’t listen to us. More than anything, I wanted to dispel the belief that somehow if this next teaser would’ve been an aquatic, no one would’ve been angry… and we wouldn’t have seen 10000 posts about how “I’d rather have seen xyz instead of aquatics.” Let’s get real.

So for those new to the game, or those jumping on the Ludia doesn’t listen bandwagon, let’s chat the history of JWA.

What we SHOULD care about is were items we’ve been complaining about addressed in the next release. I mean, we’re not perfect as individuals, and if someone told me I had to be perfect at my job, I’d be fired in a week. Bugs are in every game in existence… without question… so the fact that a company has created issues is far LESS the issue. It’s the fixing of issues that matters, self inflicted or otherwise. Because technically EVERY issue you have with this game is “self inflicted” in nature. What matters is the question: Are they listening to us?

And whatever this patch brings? I highly doubt we’ll see thousands of posts about what has been fixed… I mean seriously. This impression that Ludia isn’t listening is ludicrous. Let’s walk back in time.

The genesis of this game has looked like this -

1.2 we asked for Indo Nerf, for flying creatures and aquatics, for more stuff to do. We asked for higher spawn rates, for no more blue spinning stops that blend in with the map. We wanted the RAPTOR META fixed. Here’s the patch notes if you forgot -

1.3 we asked again for Pterosaurs. Though some people HATED the idea and said it’d break the world. We wanted special event supply drops to no longer be locked in parks. We demanded scents and rewards in arena if we lose constantly (daily battle inc). We wanted spawns to change, and though we didn’t get that, what we got was the Hybrid Recipe feature - which in my opinion has been great (despite not quite what we wanted). We wanted cheaters removed, and they took MASSIVE STEPS to take care of that. Sure it got worse later, but again, they listened and dealt with it and made progress. We wanted bleeds to work better. Here’s what we got:

In 1.4 we wanted alliances, guilds, something to band together. We wanted reasons to go out and hunt each day (daily missions). We wanted a stegod nerf (or at least the community cried out for it). We wanted the tank meta ENDED. We wanted no more 10% chance to stun (stun-chains). We wanted superiority strike to stop preventing bleeders from doing anything useful by cleansing. What was the point in bleeds using opponent health pool if stegod could just “cleanse” it away with Superiority Strike.

Here’s the results -

In 1.5 we wanted DAMAGE PRIEVIEW to be fixed. Remember that nonsense? We wanted scent capsules to stop glitching. We wanted more to do than just donating with alliances. We wanted something with nullification to help us with indoraptor. We wanted DINOS TO STOP BEING LOCKED IN STRIKE TOWERS.

So here’s the thing that kills me. We think they don’t listen. What we mean is they don’t work FAST enough. Because viewing the above, and actually remembering what the game USED to be versus how it’s changed… i mean, it’s factually incorrect to say “Ludia doesn’t listen.”

Doesn’t act fast enough? Maybe. Doesn’t communicate with the board as much as we want? Probably.

But let’s all not act like they don’t listen. Seriously. Go take a walk down memory lane. Look at the old patches. See what the notes say. Remember the issues of that time. Review some of the topics we were complaining about in that range. The empirical evidence suggests otherwise, so maybe let’s all just take a deep breath and wait to storm the castle till we see what comes next?

You want to know if ludia listens, or if they’re just not working fast enough? Note all the problems here that you want fixed today, and come back to this post whenever the notes come for the next patch… If they “don’t listen” - nothing on your list will be fixed. If they “don’t listen fast enough” then only some items on your list will be fixed. But maybe let’s reserve some judgement until then.

I mean, I know we won’t. But it’d be nice if we did anyways. :wink:


Pft. They havent listened to me and gave me a million free coins. Imma riot.


I never asked for Monomimus nerf, but it got nerfed twice.

Also, uhh…
Something they promised still been left behind there, it’s been 5 months.
I am still waiting.


There’s definitely stuff that needs fixing still. This post isn’t about saying “they fixed everything” – it’s about pointing out the difference between “fixing everything” and “Fixing nothing” -

Sometimes we get so hung up on the fact that they haven’t “fixed” something that we forget what they’ve done.

And for balancing? It’d be impossible to make everyone happy. Impossible. SO many people cried out for a Monomimus nerf. Not you. But SO MANY people did. And this is coming from me, who also leveled Monomimus to 26. You know why? Cause it was freakin powerful. Which is also why everyone wanted it nerfed.

I agree - i watched your topic forever ago about Majundasuchus. I think that sucks. I want to see it corrected. I hope it gets fixed soon.



But Draco Gen 2 VS. Dracocera…


There were several people on that thread about DG2 that specifically said “just give SIDSR to the legendary hybrid” so that was kind of asked for as well. Not by everyone, but by many. As Brian said, you can’t please everyone and I personally am going to wait until the update to make a judgment because they might surprise us.


Very well said @MNBrian. I think the biggest problem for most is the need for it now. Things operate to satisfy the majority. Also priority comes to mind when working down the line for fixes. Like one thing may be more important then the next. Nothing is perfect. And you can’t make everyone happy. I’m glad and excited for another update and whatever it will bring. Just happy that they continue to work on things and try to make this game better each time.


Balance is short term fix. Each patch brings flaws, busted and let down that need to be corrected later on…
Speed ties is critical gameplay fix for the battle system.

Guess which one is “fixed” ?

They listen and it’s clearly what they want. The major patch for me is the one reducing tower size allowing to click Dino in them. Nerfing / buffing are mostly jokes imo. Or miscalculation by a diplocaulus if you prefer :upside_down_face:


Some of the best posts Ive read on here in months. Its also important to note the difference between “not listening” and not giving in to every whim. Too many of the “they dont listen” posters are upset because they arent getting enough free or because theyre losing, far too much me me me and not enough big picture


So, if they “fix” speed ties, you’ll be the first back here saying “Ludia is amazing!” Or if they fix tower size?

I think that’s kinda my point. If you’ve got some concrete list of “stuff that MUST be fixed” - it should be posted here. It should be posted on the forums in general. It should be expressed.

But this is the first time I’ve even heard anyone complain about tower size as a problem. Most people dont’ care as long as they can click the dino in the tower, which is clearly corrected at this point. And again - every game has bugs. If you’re asking “Never release an update without bugs” - that’s just an unrealistic expectation. If you’re sticking with “you created the mess… you clean it up…” That’s also the case for every single thing you don’t like about this game. I mean, they created the game as a whole. So every problem you have with it, is a problem they created.

To say the balance changes weren’t game-changing, or didn’t significantly improve the arena is in my personal opinion, silly. It clearly did. If it didn’t - then I’d better never see you complain about DG2 or Dracocera or any dino for that matter… because it can’t possibly be a problem since balancing is “a joke”.

I’m just saying - clearly they listen.

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You are doing a great job running Metahub, MNBrian, and it’s a very useful website for many players. I can see how much time and effort you devoted to the website. Thank you so much!

On another hand, I know you want to be in a good relationship with Ludia and you defend them in every possible way, but when Metahub reports, it has to be objective as well, and the negative criticisms should be included.

Take your Jurassic world alive week 46 feature dinos post as an example, your whole post did not mention anything about the schedule change and what many ppl were angry about, instead, you praised the week by saying “it looks pretty good” “we’ve got dinos to dart almost everyday this week”. The article was very optimistic. However, If I were a news reporter, I would include the whole picture there, stating that some changes made many players unhappy and maybe ludia next time can be careful etc. This is just one example. I read many articles on Metahub, and many many of them never included criticisms but only praised.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying Metahub should rant, but I’m asking Metahub to be more objective and should cover stories and news in a more rounded way, like including negatives and reporting them.

As one saying goes, no critics no success. Metahub should help ludia grow better, represent the player base, and be an objective and neutral news platform.


I really appreciate your kindness and comments!

I do want to draw an important distinction. I prefer to be an optimist. I want to share what I am looking forward to on the site and in articles. But I’m telling you, and Ludia can absolutely attest to this, I am not easy on them privately in any way shape or form.

I’m happy to express changes as well and things I think need fixing. We’ve got articles like @Marktheshark 's excellent article on the “bad uniques” that need fixing. I often post (at least once a patch) what things I see here that I think needs updating with the next patch. And there’s a whole lot I send to Ludia in the way of changing things for the better.

It’s really good feedback. I am happy to be clearer in articles on things that we’re hoping change. I’m definitely an optimist, so it’ll probably always have a hint of positivity. But I can say with certainty, I’ve sent plenty of “hard advice” based often on what I see here on the forums and what continually comes up. I love this game. I want to see it succeed. I’ll do whatever I can to help. And everyone at Metahub feels that way.



:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

As you said, if only they listened…
Imagine what the game would be like

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Erm … he did:

Parting Words

There was a minor change to the schedule, unfortunately, that left us with an empty Wednesday and broken hearts, but we’ll still take the free DNA that is given. With any luck, we’ll see more teasers for some upcoming patch this week. I know we’re all dying to know more about 1.7 and when it might be coming!

But who should they listen to. If you read the forums, it is a LOT of complaining and Ludia bashing. Why would they want to listen to that? Constructive criticism and suggestions are great, but when every other thread is nerf this or nerf that or “i’m quitting” you are going to get what you asked for.


You got a good point there

Agreed. She beat me to it. :smiley:

Spot on they are to many people including me at times calling out ludia for the bad and if ludia decides to pack up and cut the servers we will all be without a game i actualy like playing most parts abd the only game i have


Yeah the game is fun. Ludia has done pretty well with some things

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