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Ludia Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Listens... Except That One Time


Normally a job has a finish date. Now if you don’t get it done by then its in the contract and you could potentially take an L. But if its before the expected finish date they need to back off. If they want a change its called a change order and would be priced separately in a new contract. This is just part of it and expected.

Now don’t get me too wrong here because I know some people are just ranting out of anger and feel like dissing ludia. But there is some serious arguments to be heard from the community. They just have to pick through. A post saying “nerf this now!!” Is not good compared to a reasonable explanation why they should consider a nerf or add a move to counter another move instead of nerf.

Really though my main gripe is showing something and taking it back. This is not a practice that is even accepted or practiced in kindergarten. In fact the opposite of that. And professionally compensation is to be expected for mistakes. Which I don’t think it was a mistake they just change there minds on the fly. Why should prices go up for there empty promises. That isn’t on the community.

And this is like rubbing salt in a wound. Everytime I launch JWA right now I’m reminded of the tenentorex removal. Which than brings me back to the premium removal and other bad thoughts.


Please rest assured that we do listen, always.


Fact Check:

  • Less Strike Towers
    You said you don’t think even one person asked for this. Here’s one.
  • Less dinos to dart
    Not sure what you’re referring to. Last update included 33% more drop points. That’s 33% more nodes that can now spawn dinosaurs. IT also allowed us to catch these and spin drops (for more darts) in our full range instead of a 50M range. From the actual concrete code (datamine) the spawn percents didn’t decrease.

  • Even worse version of Draco Gen 2

Lots of people complained about DC not having an even remotely good kit and wanted it to “at least” get what Dg2 had (swap in rampage).

  • Nerf Monomimus
    Searching for these words in the forum yields 50+ results. Maybe go back and read those. Plenty of people demanded that one.

Again… your whole logic here is “They aren’t perfect.”

Did you know what else no one asked for? Allosinosaurus to be the color it is. Or Thoralodosaur to have 40% crit rate. Basically everything that has ever happened in this game has been the cause of ludia because they programmed the game. :smiley:

I mean seriously. Do a search on here for ANYTHING. People have complained about the color scheme of dinos, the kits, the moves, the stats, their names, their descriptions, that they exist, that they don’t exist, that they aren’t real dinos, that they aren’t in the Michael Crichton books, that they aren’t fast enough, that they are too fast, that they’re perfect.


I definitely want to agree with you that a lot of people have really great and really serious arguments here. :slight_smile:

I too wasn’t happy that they removed Tenontorex. I wanted to buff my own. I don’t know the logic behind that one, and don’t think every decision has been perfect by any means. I was certainly with you on this one in wishing it hadn’t been removed.


Have you read the dozens of threads that provide solution for problems? The threads were players made their mind up and come up with tons of ideas how to improve the game, add new content and balance the matchmaking by not nerfing dinos until they are useless?

Of course there is much salt in this forum, that’s out of question. Because players are frustrated because there is no communication. No sign that feedback is considered at all. My post just got hidden (you can’t see it yet), I adressed this problem pretty detailed. If Ludia had wanted to, they could have prevented this forum becoming a salt mine just by posting and discussing feedback sometimes.


Ludia Mod HQ be like


Couple replies. Yes, they listen to a lot of things, and yes, they have added a lot of neat content into the game. But they were the ones that broke the damage indicator. It was broken so long, that even after it was fixed people still didn’t trust it and told others not to trust it.

The dinos stuck in towers was a problem for like 3 patches (8 months?). It started with strike events and ended with the most recent 1.6. People were on the verge of quitting then if they didn’t fix that outrageous bug.

We’ve had 7 seasons of pvp now. We’ve complained about them nearly every time. We want more variety, choice, whatever you want to call it and they continue to ignore us and sling the same old thing at us time and time again. They surveyed us before 6 about ‘trophy max’ counts and opt-ins yet did nothing for the last 2 seasons. I basically ignored this last season as it’s more of the same and getting really boring.

They shot themselves in the foot with St. Pattys, and they need to just own it, not try to back things up. I NEVER thought they would give us 5 unique chances after the 5 legendary chances, and was happily wrong. Why? Even though i’m a paying player since day 1, did not have Erlidom or Tryko unlocked because they are that difficult to get. That event gave me both, and gave that chance to many many other people who would probably never get those dinos otherwise.

In they end, they’re a fallible company and we do cut them some slack for it, but NO ONE asked for less events and empty days during the week. Taking away strikes and promised dinos is just the nail in the coffin. If they want myself and others to continue playing and spending, they need to keep fixing the game, giving us weeklong events, and pushing the game further ahead, not pulling it back like a runaway horse. The damage is done, OWN IT.


I really do think it would benefit Ludia a lot to have more discussion, to have dev’s be more outspoken. Would I ever want to do that as a dev personally? No freakin way. This place has a pitchfork reserved for anyone who says anything positive ever about Ludia. :wink:


You joke, but it’s accurate.


Really good feedback. Again, i agree. I’m not saying they do everything right. I’m saying they do SOME things right. I wish more people would do that whole “cutting some slack” thing.

I disagree that they were too slow with fixing things that “they broke” because they broke everything. They created everything in JWA. They are responsible for everything broken and everything working. We only focus on what’s broken, not what is fixed or what works great. If I were to make a list today of everything I’ve seen more than one person on this forum complain about, I could hit 100 items in an hour. And a vast majority of those issues are not bug related, but opinion based.


Yeah trust me I know there is many entitled angry people who probably lose a match then come here to vent. So of course a lot of arguments aka rants belong in the trash. Hopefully Ludia and JWA devs can decipher through the stuff. I don’t seem to have as many complaints as some.

But a few of them, even on this thread could make a solid point… I’ve seen it. The removals or mind changes are the threads with the most posts that say “subscription cancelled”.

Taking back is bad. In fact if I were the exec, personally I’d give everyone 250 Tenentorex dna easter basket this Sunday. And for there dear subscribers I’d give extra as an apology. That’s exactly what I would do. Not saying to do this just saying its exactly what I would do.

This sounds entitled but just think for a sec. Its a global apology and some extra for the paying customers who are rightfully upset. A way to say we appreciate you. I think we can wait for bug fixes and stuff like that… But when you pile taking back or mind changing on top, it makes everyone reconsider what they’re doing. If they really do indeed listen… even a small compensation for these kinds of things would be heavily considered.

The customer is not always right but neither is the supplier/vendors/devs/execs. Sometimes you have to own it.


That is literally the Job of every community manager for every game ever made. Your always going to have people you cannot please just like youll always have people who praise you for your hard work. You have to look at those peoples comments objectively because they arent, and find the middle of the ground people.

Community manager for games have to deal with toxic communities all the time… its litterally part of their job discription. Spend some time on Anthems sub reddit… and you also notice how the community manager also makes posts in response to the feedback. On reddit, you have cm for games engaging fans all over the industries on multiple different platforms be it facebook, twitter, reddit.

We just ask for communication on their forums… a developer road map so to speak. Maybe some explanation on why the changes are happening. Stuff like every other company does…

Another game I play had an update last week… multiple skill trees were buffed along with a few small nerfs. In that section of the patch notes they wrote, we know x skill is currently to strong in pvp, we are working on making changes to it but havent gotten it quite right yet.

This to me says this company values my time… wants to make sure people are clear the frustration of the op is going to be ending soon. And letting us also know if we spend time leveling this class to use this skill it will be changing very soon.

I agree with what youve wrote in your op. But, ir gets under my skin when you give the Community Manager a free pass on engaging us in an open discussion because of negativity…thats a large part of what they are paid to do. There support people have to deal with overwhelming negativity and get paid far less.

And to be clear I dont even blame this games CM because it seems to be a company policy of lack of communication.

A perfect example for the clear lack of communication would be the article you guys posted on how flagged cheaters would not be allowed to join alliances… its almost Easter and other then knowing they still are. Now I assume you wrote that article based on the information you had on hand. From my perspective they fed you guys wrong information in order to make it look like they were doing something they have yet to do 5-6 months later.


I’ve thought about this a lot too.

I mean, we all love updates. We love the excitement and thrill of getting patch notes. I have always wondered, based on the size of the update and the programming team, would we all really like to know in advance what is being worked on? Or does the “payoff” of seeing patch notes with no clue what is coming actually keep us more engaged? Would the sheen of the flyers have worn off in 10 seconds if a CM had said “The team here at Ludia has heard your cries for flying creatures and aquatics. We will have flying creatures implemented in the next patch. We will have aquatics implemented in 2 years based on the level of detail it requires and programming needed to accomplish that goal.” I just wonder if we’d actually appreciate that, or if it’d make us angry/underwhelmed/lose excitement.

Legitimately, I’m not sure.

I do think more communication would benefit. I’ve been thinking that from the start.

I just wonder if there is a tradeoff. Strike towers were released in what… 1.4 was it? And the fix was in 1.6? I wonder if after release and notification of the problem, if Ludia had said “We are aware of the strike tower issues and will have it resolved in 6-12 months based on production goals” If everyone would’ve actually cared, or just kept getting pissed off that it wasn’t done yesterday.

Even me. A part of me wants to know the 2 year plan - the 4 year plan - the 10 year plan, whatever long term plan there is. And another part of me feels like “Well, that’d take the excitement out of it.”


I should also mention - it’s less of a free pass and more of a “let’s get back to the core of what is good here” post. There’s a reason I don’t post stuff like this often. I’m not constantly here beating my chest over the toxicity of the community because honestly, a ton of good advice gets thrown around on this forum.

But I think when we start bashing them and saying the game is circling the drain as teasers are coming out for the next patch (so clearly it must be on the way) – maybe we need to take a quick breath and see what comes next before passing judgement. That’s all.

The community here isn’t bad. It’s full of intelligent people often who give some pretty good advice because they’re passionate about this game. We just sometimes need to take a breath, tone it down a bit, stop thinking the world is on fire and allow time for change to occur before the next wave of criticism. That’s really all I’m getting at. They don’t do everything right. I think more communication on this board would benefit them greatly, and give them more advocacy. I just think it’s ludicrous to say they aren’t listening is all.


If Monomimus was a gross miscalculation, then what’s giving everyone a free Tryko called?


A disgusting miscalculation?


Events are definitely one place they need to listen to us more… or atleast give us a heads up on planned events. Cause this is one area they dont quite get.

I look at alliance rush… we here told them the moment they mentioned it. It would lead to people dropping arenas so they can wreck lowbies for fast wins. Event went on as planned we were right second event canceled… but i lost quite a few lower level people that weekend.

St. Pattys day event was another…

This current event rework is one area that if they told us where they were comming from more people would be understanding. some would still be angry but atleast they would know why.


Wasn’t joking. The high bar of censorship you lot set and maintain on this board is enough to make even the KGB envious.

This one seems slightly more accurate; very little talking, more listening in. Have a blessed day, comrade.



If you as a dev would have done it before, there wouldn’t be such a negative atmosphere, at least by far not to this extent. About time to act. You remember the one time devs posted? They had bad news, so the feedback wasn’t only pleasant, but still there were more than a few people who were glad they finally communicated. They made 1 posts and vanished, which was even worse than not having posted anything.


I’m a database designer/developer. That’s my job. If i make a change in the database that breaks something else that had been working fine, i’ll hear about it very quickly from the customer. If i don’t fix what i broke right away, i might lose that customer. Even if not, they get very pissed (as they should be) when something breaks that was working perfectly before. Do not defend them why they have features that work that they themselves break, and then take an eternity to fix them again. That’s being a terrible company.