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Ludia - new deal with phone makers?

So we know Google are using the AR, but does 2.0 have a link to new mobile phone sales??

I’m convinced that we are being conditioned to rage quit and end up breaking our devices!

In what world does the slowest creature go first…(see Smilo’s speed compared to my Tryko)!

How do you draw but lose (it’s happened to me twice and I can’t see the logic unless someone can confirm that)

It feels like a whole new world of broken with some shiny bits bolted on that aren’t all that great anyway (raids I’m talking about you!)

That’s just stupid

Destroyed my team lol

If it works, it’s not stupid. Just terrifying.


Is this stupid, terrifying or stupidly terrifying? :joy:

Stupidly terrifying for speedsters. But my Carnotarkus and my Kapro would like to meet it.

We all knew that crutch warfare would happen. Here’s hoping that 2.1 fixes that instead of letting us be terrorized for half a year.

It’s an easy fix, just give creatures raid specific move sets

Also I’ve noticed that the dynamic text is super buggy and you need to click at the moment you want the readings. They’re most accurate when you choose your turn. They also don’t update when you’ve clicked them

This is like Pandora’s box. There is no going back. The “fix” is to just make something else the crutch and as long as boosts are there it skews things.

When I first played this I liked that it was almost like rock, paper, scissors but now it’s more like rock smashes everything.

Trying to add additional things has made it more like rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock but even then it’s failing.

PVP is going to get boring quickly with what they’ve done to speedsters. We are already seeing the same Dino set repeatedly coming out (and a resurgence of the Draco rat).

Raids are boring already. Yes there may be some new bosses coming but even my beloved Smilo is a waste of time now. I could’ve levelled it up last time but she was nerfed and is still irrelevant in 2.0.

I don’t have a Dino at a level high (boosted) enough for a Mortem raid so by the time I (and most others) do it’ll be irrelevant and replaced by another apex Dino (Mothra probably!)

All I see is Ludia looking at more ways to generate cash (buy boosts for raids, PVP and tournaments) as opposed to an improved user experience.