Ludia once again please rework or remove partial resistance of swaps and stuns

These things are binary, there is no fun in beating an opponent that lost because they could not do something like swap or get their stun when most of the odds were that they were supposed to. Or me losing because i’m supposed to be able to swap but couldn’t because of luck. Partial resistances to rend, bleed and distraction make sense and are totally cool but these other things like swaps and stuns are mechanics that should not have added levels of needless RNG involved. If not stuns at least change it for swaps, that is the most ridiculous of them all.



The same could be said for crits. Sometimes you just crit forever, other times it goes mia. :man_shrugging:

Crits are a classic part of many rpgs but relying on chance to swap out isn’t. A partial resistance to swapping or stunning takes away from skillfully beating a player because the opponent is consciously doing something they know will most likely fail and getting lucky with the outcome. A crit is beyond anyone’s control

Partial resistances to stun and swap prevention is beneficial cause it prevents certain creatures from being too op, regardless of their stats. Makes things more balanced imo.

That seals the deal. I am no longer a triceratops gen 2 fan. This Dino is a pure and utter embarrassment to the game of Jurassic World Alive. I officially will not be renewing my plan next season nor will I watch someone use that Dino ever again. I’m going to the Sinoceratops fan club where they know how to make a good Dino.

But in all seriousness I agree with your post :+1:

Then how about, making the stats more balanced then? That puts more control of the win to the players than just leaving something like swapping to luck.


Not really. Partial swap resistance can decide the match outcome. In tournament beat someone, cause 75% swap resistance of Boa failed against my Rixis. I was already 1-0 that time so basically got to 2-0 for free and easily finished the match.

67% and 75% stun and swap resistances are worst. They fail just too many times in worst possible moments due to rng. I’m fine with 50% and 100% ones, as first is pure gamble and other is immunity.


What really needs fixing is the RNG algorithm, not necessarily dino stats/resistances.

Yes, they need to remove these swap and stun resistant. >50% become immune.