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Ludia played a blinder and fooled you all!

Never have I witnessed such a brilliant play by a company than what I’ve seen today!

What do I mean?

What am I talking about?

Raids and boosts of course!

I called it in here when Ludia said they would refund the boosts that there would be a cunning plan and today I’ve seen it work like a well oiled machine.

Everyone on here, on discord, and generally all who play the game have been boosting their dinos like there’s no tomorrow in order to get a bit of dna for a Dino that’s only available from beating it in raids.

It’s genius…

I take my hat off to the dev who came up with this.


what was this update all about? on decommissioning my dinosaurs? I’ve been working on my team for 3 years. And now I’m losing every battle. As for raids, I don’t even understand the combat mechanics. we all lose. I have to downgrade to one sad star. the game went weak, no greetings

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I honestly don’t care. I am not playing any different. I am boosting exactly what I feel like it, how I feel like it, and I’m going to play exactly how I want with what I want. I’m not spending any money or resources on anything differently than before. If I want to do something crazy for a raid, I’ll work for it just like I would for the arena or strike towers.

I am enjoying raids, battling, hunting, and collecting more than I have in over a year. I’m content.


They are a FOR PROFIT COMPANY. Why should this be surprising to anyone?

Ludia isn’t a charity, so I don’t expect them to behave as such.


In time they will implement PvP raids.

Well said Tim…

I agree with you, they aren’t a charity.

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I was thinking Ludia would make us boost uniques somehow, instead of only tourney creatures. And they certainly did! Sooner than I’d ever imagined! And I’m kind of happy about it. Uniques deserve to be used.

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I was thinking of more like 4 of your creatures vs opponent’s 4, because PvP raids will be more difficult for Ludia to set up than even these raids, never mind that the arena itself tends to be unstable.

You never know. I can see this coming at some point where they will have alliance vs alliance tournaments which I think would really add to the game and be a lot of fun. I do kind of like this though for now.

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i was already planning on boosting raid specific creatures. but only if i can get into a group that would require me to. so far that hasn’t happened and i am unboosted. loving it. it’s so rewarding to beat boosted teams.

I just hope they fix their hosting problems first. Adding raids while they still had those (especially in friendly battles - and they were well-aware of those problems) was a hasty move.


I’m not giving any boosts to Raid creatures until my Arena team is finalized and maxed.
In terms of battle, Arena takes priority over Raids and Tourneys.

I haven’t boosted anything yet. I’m not boosting anything on my 2nd account. On my primary account, for now, I leveled Tenontorex from 21 to 26 for damage dealing and Tuoramolock to 25 for healing but wasn’t planning on applying any boosts if not necessary. Tenontorex has its own group heal also. I’m hoping to use either one tomorrow. Most likely, I’ll be the healer all the time again.

I spent about 6 hours today raiding.
Lost track of time and had to struggle to get my 10 takedowns and completed my dailys by around 6:20PM.
I dunno.
I’m kinda glad I finally had something fun to spend boosts on.
I’m glad they don’t have Apex raids everyday or I’d be hard pressed to get anything done.
I guess this game has something for everybody.


if we have low level raids like the last sino every week, i would enjoy.
the only one our alliance finished.

by the way, i won’t boost anything for now… it would be a bit crazy.

Man! That would be GREAT! Ha, I could only imagine Alliance rivalries and eventually a championship for different trophy levels.

I, @Sean_Sperry and a few others are working on a way to beat Mortem. So far we’ve managed to beat the first round consistently (70% of the time), and do a little bit of damage on the second.

There’s 3 main strategies, but the central creatures are a Tuoramoloch (acceleration and healing), Maxima (Greater Thagomizer to take out the minions before they attack) and an Erlikospyx (Distraction).

The third creature choice we’ve tried is Tryostronix, since Maxima needs a little help with the minions, but our Speedsters need some more health for any chance at beating Mortem round 2.

The strats we want to try are using a Tenontorex in place of Tryo (can help Maxima take out minions, can help bring Mortem’s damage to zero and heal) and Dilorach in place of Tryo (same as Tenrex, but we considered this because Tenrex has to be slower than Maxima for the former strategy to work, and our Maxima isn’t speed-boosted).

The only problem with these strategies is that due to the loss of Tryo our damage output decreases, so we don’t know how much of an effect that will have.

If you want to help, you’re welcome.

So far we’ve beat Mortem round 1 with 22 Tuora, 23 Spyx, 23 Tryo (boosted slightly) and 26 Maxima (max boosted).

I boosted Maxima solely for Mortem. As it’s level 26, I now have over 7500 health and consistently do 3444 attack on each rampage. I’m actually thinking of taking her off my arena team for sake of boosts. I’ve only done one arena battle since boosting, and it was against AI

Yep, Ludia even got me to boost on the account I said I wouldn’t boost!

After failing because my Ardentismaxima wasn’t strong enough on the Smilonemys raid I applied boosts and we did it.

A truly brilliant plan that’s worked out exactly as Ludia hoped it would.

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