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Ludia... please add another way to fill incubators

Since you have ruined the arena with these stupid stat boosts. Please add another way to get incubators. Nobody wants to play in the arena anymore.


They need to add the ‘fight AI’ option right when you go for a battle, rather than after 30 seconds. That would be awesome.


When the count hits 5 I start counting down outloud and spamming where the AI button will be.
Nothing worse than when the counter gets below 10… and you get a match.

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I keep getting matched when less than 5 secs left. So unable to fight AI yet since its introduced back after yesterday’s tournament end.

I kept being matched with players who had high tier speeds, and i lost 50 trophies each time!!! Why? Only because my team is all lvl 30s and theirs were not? HOW IS THIS FAIR?

I worked so hard to get my team to all lvl 30s and I had to lose because I was honest and i did not exploit the speed boosts?

I am quitting soon if the game is not fixed.


Agree 100% with you.
Just wanna my battle incubs.
The Arenas are in a complete mess.
I don’t have that much time to wait for a battle. Losing few times in a row before eventually got one 15 mins incub…:rofl: