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Ludia Please Add These Creatures In 2.9

I’ve Saw A Missed Oppurtunity To Add 10 creatures.
So Please Add Alvarezsaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Corythosaurus, Alioramus, Giganotosaurus, Neovenator, Siats Meekerorum, Trykotaurus, Secomodactylus, And Allotaurus.
Alvarezsaurus: Common, Cunning. Cunning Strike, Instant Distraction.
Cryolophosaurus: Common, Fierce. Fierce Strike, Devastation.
Corythosaurus: Rare, Resilient. Resilient Strike, Emergency Heal, Ferocious Defense.
Alioramus: Rare, Fierce. Fierce Strike, Expose Weak Spot, Taunt Shattering Rampage.
Giganotosaurus: Epic, Fierce. Fierce Strike, Cleansing Impact, Fierce Rampage.
Neovenator: Epic, Fierce And Resilient. Shielded Decelerating Strike, Fierce Impact, Shield Advantage.
Siats Meekerorum: Rare, Fierce. Fierce Strike, Ready To Crush, Ferocious Impact.
Trykotaurus: Trykosaurus + Carnotaurus, Fierce And Resilient. Fierce Strike, Cleansing Impact, Fierce Rampage, Devastation. Allotaurus: Allosaurus + Carnotaurus, Wildcard. Fierce Strike, Dig In, Expose Weak Spot, Leathal Wound. Tanylyth: Tanycolagreus + Purrolyth, Wildcard. Definite Strike, Mutual Fury, Regenerate And Run, Super Distraction, No Escape. Secomodactylus: Secodontosaurus + Dimodactylus, Fierce And Resilient. Fierce Strike, Ready To Crush, Maiming Wound, Immobilize. @ned can you tell the team about my suggestions please?

You could do them in JWA Toolbox.

Hmhmhm time to shine

Thanks, Albert_Bert! I would like to see Giganotosaurus in the game as well. :smiley:


We all do. Would like to have a signiture animation for him

Couple of problems.

Unique shybrid with a hybrid? Also that means they have to add a new tier as apex is only bosses

Isn’t devastation a resilient move?

These 2 carnotaurus hybrids mean carno has 4 hybrids. Scorp g2 that makes scorp g3, purutaurus that makes scorp and your 2 new hybrids. Other than that, good!

Trykotaurus Is super hybrid+non hybrid. Devastation can be a fierce move.