Ludia-please allow us to buy our remaining dart packages!

For some of us that are isolated due to covid-19, we are putting in some serious screen time on JWA. Please bring back the large bucket of dart offer for coins!! For some reason, the day the dart bucket ended, the map also changed and removed half the supply drops. This double whammy limits players from even utilizing the 3 hour scent capsule. It’s frustrating to have dinos dropping and to only get 11-15 darts every 15 minutes. Players simply log off and don’t play. The dinos are common for the most part, so what is the harm in offering more darts for coins? The more time players spend in the game, the more tempting it is to purchase offers. If players are not in the game at all, there is zero chance of them purchasing anything.

The 4x 350 for 100 coins each didn’t go away. I just bought my four for today.

You may need to restart to see it.

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Having the same issues. Pack only shows up once every couple of days, map has half the amount of drops and spawns and 9 out of 10 times all disappears either after battling or while running a scent… drives me crazy

I’ve been collecting my 4 packs per day including just now. Seems fine on my end at least.

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