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Ludia Please Ban Specific Dinos from Tourneys

Procerathominus. Why is it in this tourney? These are supposed to promote skill, creativity, and using otherwise forgotten dinos. Instead you allow a tyrant tier Dino in there which overshadows everything. Please ban specific dinos in the future. An epic shouldn’t be this powerful in the first place.

Have its counters. Carbonemys and Entelodon can take it out.


Yes Procerathomimus and certain other things can be argued to be broken but once you start complex banning that’s where things are gonna go downhill - the community already disagrees on enough as it is, never mind on what creatures to ban.

Dynamic Skill Tourney minus Procerathomimus just doesn’t have the same ring to it

Carbonemys isn’t allowed and I don’t see how entelodon is a counter, since it’s not immune to distraction.

And it isn’t skillful or dynamic if one Dino has an inordinate presence. It’s amongst the 6-10 best dinos in the overall meta and doesn’t belong in a tourney like this one. I don’t see banning specific dinos being a huge problem. It happens in other games all the time to keep balance.

Carbonemys (turtle) is allowed. Faced some in tournament. Can’t use mine though, cause its in sanctuary.

Speed is the key. Entelodon can get faster than Proceratho.

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I read Smilonemys. Yeah didn’t think of the turtle. Pro can nullify too though. It can do too many things. Its downside was its fragility but with the buff to dodge it’s too much for this lower power bracket imo.

Learn to counter it. Simple as that.

Not the point, but thanks for your input.