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Ludia please, be more serious with maintenance and compensation

for almost 1 year, your maintenance for New patch (1.X) are announced but without more precision about hour and delay. But your maintenance surprise like today must be announced no?
I miss 4/9 attempts on T-rex event. I counted finish him on the road to go at my job but if i knew before, I dit all yesterday under the rain…
4 trials = ~ 400 dna missed = 2 trials on tryko missed (to get 10 10).
We know since april you reduced our dna drops (april’s event and now shot since 1.7). But you can’t wait to do a maintenance tomorow during common Day than during epic Day?(+ tournament).

And stop be greed with compensation? Mostly with no announced maintenance ? And i don’t talk about 100 cash.
Your game 'll have 1 year in few weak. Your game is at less top 10 in profitability on Google play why continu to be greedy like than?
More communication please

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from the maintenance of this morning I can’t even make a battle, it’s been hours since I entered it! what we lose if it continues like this I won’t play anymore! and I think many players are okay with me!

Wait, when was there a maintenance. I don’t remember that

A fe hours ago the game went down for a while, but when it came back online nothing had changed!

Oh thanks. I think the drone has changed a bit

Maintenance to 5am at 8am (french hour).

Ah yeah. I was asleep then

Hopefully that means a fix has been made to the server and will filter down to the rest of us later.

Matchs are timing out alot more than yesterday so God only knows what was done

Yeah I only just managed to finish my Erlic daily coz I needed to open 6 incubator and have 9 or 10 battles…bit hard when 90% of the time you can’t get a battle!

Don’t know what they did during the maintenance but I’ve noticed zero changes! And I’ve done battles, darting you name it!

Any chance we can get a Mod to tell us what the maintenance was even for?

They had to prep the flux capacitor so we can go back to last tuesday and stop Ludia from deploying 1.7


Knowing them they will forget to pack extra plutonium for the return trip lol