Ludia, Please Can You NOT...?

I finally had a good enough amount of time to go after the ten-battle epic strike tower today, but in order to do that, the one nearest to me is on a street corner. So standing there, socially awkward, for over half an hour and then I get to the final battle whilst it turned half-past (1530 BST…just over half an hour ago from this post submission), and the game CRASHED…And after a restart, all the towers had changed around…the ten-battle one GONE. (Since my game session was doing so well with the previous battles, the crash must have been due to the new towers switcheroo).

Not saying I want compensation or anything, Ludia, but can you at least acknowledge that this was a crappy thing to pull? The ten-battle tower has a day left, apparently, but in my area, they’ve all disappeared…right when I was about to start the final battle!

(Yes, I’m aware that there’s not much that can be done about it, but I wanted to vent the FRUSTRATION! XD)


Given that Lydia claim a lot of strike event glitches are due to bad connections (though I think the invincibility and stun bugs are not connection related) and in sub zero temperatures / torrential rain staying in an unsheltered outdoor location for 30 minutes to do a many battle strike event is a pain… It would be good if you could just tap a strike tower and it adds to an event inventory, allowing you to do the scent whenever you like ( until the time limit on that event is gone, then it would no longer be available). In this way you avoid soaking / hypothermia and can take advantage of good connection e.g. WiFi instead of relying in cellular signal.