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Ludia, please close the game

For all the negative posts, the relentless bashing maybe the other player base will be happy. As for us that still play leave it open

I’m confused. Your topic is titled “close the game” your last sentence says “leave it open”???




No. Don’t close the game. It has issues that need a fix but many of us still thoroughly enjoy the game.


Not close the game. I like it so much :frowning:


I don’t want the game to be closed. It is all the negative posts that I have left me despondent


When there is an update or maintenance for a few hours the forum goes crazy for when the game starts again. I’m asking that with all the negative posts if ludia decides to end. What do you do

Then you shouldn’t create a title asking Ludia to close the game.

Anyway, they aren’t going to close the game, lets not be melodramatic.

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Hey @Maveri. I don’t know when you started playing the game.

We used to play a good game, with some maintenance sometimes, before 1.7. Ok, there were some bugs (looking at you, speed indicator, alliance chat, …) but we had learned to live with them.

The 1.7 release has been a technical disaster (long maintenance time, android version not available on google play, connexion problems for android users).

After 1.7 is finally out, we have faced so many problems in the game (matchmaking, timeouts in battles, boosts implementation, darting, game freezing, exploits in the first tournament, exploits for boosts sales). Many players have been frustated by these problems and by the lack of communication from Ludia.

Ludia has made some fixes (mitigating the bugs) and did run a rollback to address the boosts sales exploit. After the rollback, other boosts related exploits were used by some players.

Many players are upset and frustrated. The forum contains many messages saying that long time players are leaving.

  • Ludia, please can you try to communicate more?
  • Ludia, please can you tell us where this game is going? Are you just trying to get more money just before you kill the game ?
  • Ludia, please can you focus on fixing the bugs in JWA before adding new (bugged) features?
  • Ludia, please can you improve your release management?

@Jorge @Ned @J.C @Sara @Keith @Ren @John

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I was gonna post something along the lines of what you did.

@Maveri: I think @JurassicRemy asks a decent question about how long you’ve been playing, and your level of progress before 1.7. I ask too, because a few of your comments suggest that you’re a relatively new player compared to the core group, and your progress in the game might be mid-stage. If so, I can understand why 1.7 and boosts might feel like a good thing to you, as the 1.7 heavily favors lower-level players and gives them a huge advantage over higher-level players. And I suspect that it’s higher-level/progress players who are the most vocal about hating 1.7. For reference, pre-1.7 I bounced around 5,000-5,300 trophies, had unlocked all of the most common Uniques and Legendaries used in Aviary, and had deliberately crafted a team of Legendaries & Uniques with an average level of 26.7 in order to be competitive. Deliberately means: focused hunting and fusions over an entire year to build my team, something that (for me) meant a small amount of money, and a huge amount of time. With 1.7 - and specifically, with boosts and scoring changes - the impact of all that time invested to give me a competitive advantaged was diminished. Like, HUGELY diminished. All of a sudden, players who didn’t grind and invest time into getting resources can, for a FRACTION of the cost of what I put in, can slap boosts on lower dinos and wreak havoc. Now, I bounce in-and-out-and-in-and-out of Lockwood/Aviary, as I’m regularly beaten by dinosaurs five levels below mine with crazy boosts. Until yesterday, I was doubly-disadvantaged by a ridiculous scoring system that pretty much guaranteed -50, +10, -50, -50, etc. With this new scoring, it’ll take ages to dig out of the hole, but with every loss comes a feeling that “it’s such a slap in the face, because I built this team based on the old rules - rules which changed in a measured, slow way, giving me a chance to adapt - and now, I’m consistently punished by the new rules.”

I’m ABSOLUTELY in favor of giving underdogs some advantages, and I’ll happily battle with the chance of an expensive loss to an underdog, but not like this. You’d better believe I’m upset about that, and this forum is a place to express that.

They moved the goalposts in 1.7, and the way it was done just wasn’t right.



I highly doubt they will close the game because their feelings are hurt by some meanies on the internet. Sounds like your feelings are the ones getting hurt, which is weird. Ludia are a big company. Companies need to be able to handle constructive criticism. Especially when they’ve broken their damn game and have been mostly silent towards their players.


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Ever see that Simpsons episode when they are heckling Daryl Strawberry? He is sad inside and sheds a tear. I think of that as a Ludia dev when we post mean things. They have feelings too.


Yes, but you don’t make business decisions around mean comments. I’ve posted about this elsewhere, and I’ll quote myself from that thread:

There has been plenty of praise for JWA, from me, and others. But also read that it’s a truism that in a consumer feedback context, people are far more likely to speak up when they’re dissatisfied than when they’re happy. So, as a reader, you have to approach everything with that in mind, and apply a filter to everything. Anyone who’s actually soliciting feedback already knows this (or, they should), and evaluates the feedback based on that framework.

Despite that, it’s also true that the dev team isn’t necessarily the team soliciting feedback (although of course they should/they do read and interpret feedback), as that falls to product, and design, along with community managers and bus dev. The dev team also, as a general rule, builds to a spec that is created by design and ultimately finalized by the product team. So, I’m willing to bet that there are lots of people on the dev team who hate the changes too, but product is driving this bus and that’s that.

Also, knowing this truism about negative commentary, I go out of my way to praise people for good things, and I’ve emailed support on several occasions to tell them how impressed I was with certain updates (1.4 sticks out for how sweeping a rebalance it was, in such a short time after the game’s launch).


We can signal what we like/don’t like in three ways: through our money spent, through our time-in-app, and through direct/indirect communication on this forum and via support tickets.

The scathing criticism is fair.

I created this so folks here can realize that the constant complaining may one day cause the game to be EOL. I’ve been playing since the time strike towers were first introduced. Can’t remember the date. Much has been added since. Many on the forum tend to forget that. When boosts first dropped I did not use them. But I ha e since. I’m at around 4250 after 1.7 and prior to that was around 4100. I play as much as I can as work and life allows. My 2 kids play also. Full disclosure… This is the only mobile game I play

I know that they aren’t.

1.7 is my favorite version but.

Customers should complain about changes they don’t like. No business wants customers to quietly leave. They’ll always want to know what it was.

Also complaining about complaining shows a lack of self awareness, empathy etc. You don’t have to read customer complaints they are for Ludia not you.

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Lol, no, bad.

Fair enough.

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