Ludia, please consider buffing Pyrritator

Coming from Irritator(who got DSS and DSI) and Pyroraptor(WI), Pyrritator lacks something.
With the current stats, she can be only useful if it is of higher lever(more than 20), which takes forever to do considering how difficult in getting the Irritator’s blood.

She got good speed, but she is a glass canon for any tank with SS or Tagomizer. Please consider buffing with either: DSI/DSS/WI/Cleanse



Really depends on the matchup. I’ve had people lead with things that cant slow Pyrritator down, allowing me to use RTC. I then 1 shot that dino and the next one they put out.


Deserves DSS at least +1

Yes, there are many out there that cannot slow down. But I am sure, they have at least shields, like: Rajakylosaurus, Megalosuchus, Amargocephalus and others. Also SIA dino like Alankylosaurus. These all make Pyrritator’s damage to get reduced to 50%-100%.

All I am saying: Pyrritator is lacking what it’s DNA contributors having: DSS/DSI/WI. It would be great to see any of them in the next release.

This board gets more “buff apex dino X” than one could expect.

I am entertained.

It’s a legendary and an ingredient for a Unique dino. It’s better than many in the same situation and fails against what it should.

Thread is silly.


Also…I’m dead at the “please buff her with weapons against all her counters K thnx”



Pyrritator received a speed buff that has helped plenty. It does what its supposed to do and is a solid dinosaur and role player on many teams. If anything needs a buff its magna, as its incredibly hard to get and level and way to squishy.


Plz buff MY Pyrritator, just not everyone else’s… k thx!


they just buffed her… 1 speed

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And that’s a huge buff fwiw

I mean this dino as a legendary has two ready to go rampages including one that protects that vulnerable health. Besides that it’s fast. It needs less of a buff than 98% of dinos.

She already got buffed to 129 speed. Buff magna for christ sakes!

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I disagree. Even underleveled pyrritator can be very useful if you play it well. Mine is only level 18 and stays on my team all the way towards being ranked.

In my case the problem is pyroraptor. Got +2500 irritator DNA Available

ROFL no words… Actually a few!! My pyri can wipe teams solo how that need to be buffed!? there plenty Dino’s that can’t 1v1 any Dino ATM that would NEED a buff first lol!!! Something that can do over 4k dmg in 2 turns while halving opponents attack 2 turns needs a buff?! what planet that thought come from??

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Best buff will be immune for Pyrritator.

I’d rather use a high level Pyroraptor (because the bleed is very helpful countering switch-ins and invincibility shields) in fact I’ve dropped Pryrritator to use a monomimus instead. Not sure Pyrritator needs any kind of buff though, it’s a raptor that fills it’s niche but with same raptor weaknesses.

Yeah it is hard to combine