Ludia please don't take away Gemini's immunity

Lately I’ve seen a lot of posts speaking of how Geminititan should have its immunity taken away because it makes no sense for it to have, though I can completely understand that argument considering how gemini with immunity makes no sense. However, Geminititan is currently one of the hardest creatures in the game to create (If not the hardest to create) I think it deserves it. And yet there are also so many hybrid creatures in the game that have irrelevant attributes to their perspective hybrid components and yet hardly any of them have their fingers pointed at them until gemini recently. I understand that this is a very cliché argument but it should be enough for gemini to keep its immunity in my opinion. I understand that gemini is also absurdly OP and needs to be tweaked but taking away its immunity is too harsh of a nerf, and If it’s to have its immunity taken away from it, there needs to be some sort of compensation buff for it, or a stat nerf (preferably damage nerf) and eliminate the definite effect ability from definite shield advantage but keep its multiplier the same; balancing doesn’t just stop at removing a single creature’s attribute. I know that everyone wants creatures in the game to be balanced and I’ve actually agreed with that for a while until recently; some creatures deserve to be way better to their other hybrid counterparts if they’re incredibly difficult to create. Many argue that geminititan was tyrant 1.8 without immunity and therefore could also still maintain that status in the current meta, but that was 1.8 and this is 1.1.2 and times are different now; the meta was different back then. A lot of people defended maxima when she really broken with definite rampage and I can see much of the inconsistency around here.

Conclusion: Gemini needs to be tweaked due to how overpowered it is, however it deserves its immunity and its high tyrant status.


If they make gemini useless. I will leave ludia behind and will move on to other games.

Sure gemini is way over the top, but every “tweak” attempt on ludias side removed the dino from the ladder.
Stegod. Mimus. Dilo. Rinex.

Ludia should buff other dinos and stop nerfing our lovely creatures.
We spend so much time into creating and leveling our team and then bang. You 1 year progress is worth nothing.

If people really want to change her.
Take away her immunity, but give her back the insane stats she had. (7700hp 1500atk).


It’s still perfectly usable without immunity. It is the hardest creature to create. It should be really strong. But immunity goes TOO far. It can beat 99.5% of creatures with proper predictions. That’s completely BS. Taking away its immunity reducing the stranglehold immune have on this meta, while also diversifying the meta through indirect buffs and balancing.


That’s ABSURD. 7700 health and 1500 attack? It better have ALL 1x mutipliers with those stats. Gemini is still strong without immunity, and a top tier unique. But it NEEDS to lose immunity in order for the meta to change to something interesting. And giving Gemini nearly 2000 health and 100 attack is completely stupid.


Definite shield advantage made it absurdly OP, I would argue to remove the definite effect side of shield advantage.


Before no tyrant sauropod people complain, now that there is one, people complain.

As long as there is legendary indo gen 2 and a epic procerat that can wipe uniques, Gemini should stay what it is. The ones crying are those who put all thier boost in indo gen2 yet it loses to it or those whose Thor got trashed because they focused on speed rather than damage. ( My thor can counter a gemini )

Given difficulty of making it, it should be rewarding to finally create one. As what JWA stated before on its early days. Difficulty of acquiring creature = strength and not $$$ = strength. I made mine from scratch by using sanctuary enduring tons of 10’s fuses. People are just lazy.


Your thread brings more attention to this than any comment. Let’s drop this subject, shall we? :expressionless:

I don’t even think it should be “tweaked” giving how freaking hard it is to level it up and the fact that we have tons of equally OP Maximas running around out there.


We’re already facing way too many immune dinos in the meta. It’s bad not only for arena diversity but also for game longevity due to the reduction of strategic play.

Gemini losing immunity would be a complete win win scenario for the meta, and the lifespan of the game, alongside other things that reaaaally shouldn’t have immunity.

So please Ludia, do the right thing.


You cannot remove the definite ability and keep it’s 1.5 damage unless you can think of a new name for a ability. But I agree, don’t take away gem’s immunity, it’s the hardest creature to unlock in the game. Too OP? Just reduce the damage a bit.

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Can shot that down with three creatures, magna, Monolorhino, alloraptor. Each of these is either equal to or close to beginning as hard to creat and lvl up as Geminititan and they hav way more counters, to literally show you how op Gemini is there is only one LITERALLY ONE DINO IN THE ENTIRE 190 DINO COLLECTION THAT WE HAVE THAT BEATS IT 100% of the Time!

And guess what it’s the one just as hard to create as Gemini yet is it even close to broken?
of course not!


Nooo that was immunity Gemini was strong but balanced in 1.8 but once it was given immunity BAM! Instant tyrant and Highest winning matchup of any Dino in the game rivaled by only one guess which one?

Cause of course!


Honestly, i think the ideal nerf for gemini is to lose immunity. Maxima is a different matter. It has a fully immune parent. I have both of them, and i still think they deserve a nerf. I wouldn’t defend a creature like maxima having so much damage, especially when It had definite rampage, It clearly needs a damage nerf even now. For me that’s the ideal nerf that doesn’t sacrifice her atributes. In maxima’s case It makes total sense to keep immunity and nerf her stats. Gemini is a different matter. The moment i saw maxima getting immunity on those release notes i knew It would be meta changing. With now two immune towers there was no point in using bleeders or dinos like rinex and dilorach. The meta could deal with one of them being immune, not both. I defend maxima having immunity and not gemini because maxima deserves it from secodonto, while gemini got It pretty much for no reason and with bad consequences to the meta. I disagree in changing gemini’s new move. It’s perfect for gemini and it’s a great special move. As a gemini user I’d much rather remove it’s immunity than change this move. Giving immunity to gemini was not only a bad move when It comes to balance, it also made gemini a copy of Maxima. I loved gemini much more when It had those distinctive crazy stats along with the highest hp in the game. If gemini lost immunity, kept the current moveset and regained the old stats it would be a perfect way to balance It imo. If would no longer be a maxima copycat, it would have crazy stats and keep that new special move. Having one of the strongest and thiccest dinos in the game lose immunity is a great way to make bleeders important again. As a gemini user, i prefer this solution much more. One alternative is to give It one partial immunity, like immunity to distraction and keep everything else the same. While we have different takes on how to balance dinos and what is better is very often subjective, i think my solution is more benefitial to the meta. Now, I’m not against immunity, far from It. I disagree with that thread about diluting immunities on fully immune dinos. It’s just that from both a balance and parent logic standpoint, gemini should never have gotten immunity in the first place.


I’ll repeat, with the Maximas we have out there (and Indo2, while we are at it), Gemini shouldn’t be touched. Even if you take away some of Maxima’s damage that doesn’t even come close to the nerf of taking away Gemini’s Immunity… Maxima would still be waaay better than Gemini… And I believe that’s why they gave it immunity, because they realized that Maxima was that much stronger.

Proof of that is the fact that before the immunity most players didn’t give a damn about Gemini. Too much effort to make it, for little reward… One of the reasons we don’t see many of it on the Arena, at least not nearly as many as Maximas… Many people only started going for it after it became OP.


Nah I think they should just revert definite shield advantage back to long protection then, cause as a Gemini user killing its immunity would make it undesirable imo, it’d be nothing but another stegod just with no armor and high damage. What’s the point of working towards gemini then?

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What the point of working of working for any other uniques besides Gemini and maxima if they are the kings

Because you need to fill the rest of your team slots

Also again you can just give it immune to certain things if you don’t want it to be weak lol like. Immune to distraction but leaving it like it is just means there is no reason to invest in anything other than it

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Well no duh but I mean what the point of going for Thor, dioraj, tryko, indo, erlidom, spxs, grypo, any other unique beside those two

With the crazy stats it had, It was still very desirable for me. There’s also the option of giving just one partial immunity. Immunity to distraction makes the most sense as it’s supposed to counter speedsters. Also, like discussed in another thread, there’s the possibility of giving It a move like superior nullification (mixes superiority strike and null strike) in case It lost full immunity. It would be far from useless. Besides, you guys are defending just this one dino while many other uniques became useless because of it’s immunity. Shouldn’t spyx, dilorach, rinex be relevant too?


Those creatures fill different roles, irrelevant to the conversation.

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