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Ludia, please don't touch anything!


It is almost time to release (or at least mention) 1.7 version.

I am just worrying about all your works, Ludia.
I admire your effort to make a good game.
However, please don’t touch anything with the current dinos.

Whenever you touched something, my dinos were always nerfed even though I had spent tremendous amounts of time and coins for my dinos. Do you know it?

When you release new dinos or new skill moves, please pay more attention to them.
After releasing them, please don’t try to fix them. BEFORE RELEASING, PLEASE DO IT.

Please do everthing before you announce or release something new.



As long as they fix the issues with Dracoceratops, I’ll be happy.


Aren’t we at least one month away? :thinking:
There were issues with the current version and it took a month to get fixed…


I would like to see more than a dracocera fix :slight_smile: Arena is just a mess now. Arena droppers everywhere, battles are 80% RNG and nothing else. Need more useful dinos and maybe a few new unique ones. Ohh and the list could go on and on… :smiley:

But if I have to guess we will get some new toys to play with (aquatic) and that is it for 1.7


Yeah, probably yes. So, I added (or at least mention).

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I just hope Thor doesn’t get messed with he’ll be my first legit unique since the indo I was able to get with the event couple weeks back. As I can’t make his DNA yet As for DC I don’t see why people complain so much he’s so easy to play through.

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well the problem is not really dracoceratops, the problem is an overlevelled dracocera :smiley: a lvl26+ is brutal especially if you don’t have a thor/tenonto/or any heavy hitter in your random team of 4. I have enough dna to level it up to 25-26 but I am in a no coin spending state until we have info on 1.7 patch notes. Same reason I don’t start creating and levelling up thor to team level. I am just too scared that in a week or two it might get some “love” from Ludia


Yeah you’re right I haven’t fought a DC higher then 20 yet.

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Nerf DG2 & DC but give it a more balanced unique :smiling_imp:


would be interesting to have a dracocera unique, but with what dino? :stuck_out_tongue: also keeping in mind to be balanced in a way as well :smiley:


Maybe a aquatic? Would be pretty cool


They’re gonna touch the dinos anyway.
Theres no way to stop it. They’ll nerf your favorite dinos.


just don’t nerf our beloved Baryonyx :smiley:


The uniques that are on many benches need some love as well as a few, if not most legendaries. Meg and Tryo told me to say please. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s hope they dont!

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Everyone: Maybe you should nerf Dracocera just a bit.

Ludia: Alright… creates Dracocera hybrid unique with immunity and swap-in cloaked 4x damage shattering rampage


And immediate swap-back-out with invincibility to counter-attack.

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Yeah…probably…no definitely they do. So, I am worrying.

If they once touched, they should not touch it again.

Every update can change everything.


If anything needs nerfing, it’s Apatosaurus.


names it Lord Draco

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