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Ludia, please explain how battle incubators work


I was trying to make a suggestion, not argue with people
I would just like something wrote about random dino dna in battle incubators for newer players to know about and also ppl that think it’s not random


Actually, I know that I can gain random DNA from my arena and the ones below. But I am thinking of dropping down too. And the reason is this:

I am in Sorna marshes now, stuck between 3.5xx-3.6xx trophies and I cannot go further, do to lack of some legendary dinos. I would love to unlock Rajanchilosauro.Even if I live in local spawning zone 4, I think I saw just 2 Raja in the wild.

If I drop down to Nublar Jungle, where Rajasauro is the reward, I know that I could gain either Rajasauro, Stygimoloch, Kentrosauro and Secodontosauro. But this is a chance on 4, so 25%.
Remaining in Sorna Marshes, I could receive also Monolofosauro, Pyroraptor and T-Rex, thus is a chance on 7, so 14%.

Ludia will release in the next days another update of the game, so we’ll se if they will adjust something. From my side, I will not use my strong dinos when I drop down, I will keep swapping them until they’ll die. But of course I will use them when I need an incubator or making my way to the upper tier arenas. Why don’t using the B team? Cause there are lots of strike events and I like to win their rewards, and I don’t have time while out of my house to constantly modify my team.

I suggested here in the forum to create more than just one team, so that I can quickly change, let’s see if this will be implemented.

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@SaraCuriosa u are Not guaranteed to get that DNA, that’s why I dont understand why ppl drop arenas, it doesnt make sense to. It’s all totally random. It doesn’t go by what arena u are currently in, I get an assortment from every arena I’ve been in. Only guaranteed DNA is Stygimoloch. I dont drop arenas cuz it’s pointless. I’m just making a suggestion for them to let everyone know, nothing is guaranteed.

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Next time I open a incubator I’ll show u what I get in it and I’m currently in Sorna Marshes.


Wow, I honestly thought that you get dna from any incubator up to the arena you are currently in. So the higher your arena, the more dinos you can get on the incubators, and the less chances to get the specific one you want. Dropping seems pointless to me because of the crappy amount of dna you get from incubators.

That said, it’d be amazing (and to this point, obviously necessary) to have some sort of guide explaining how things work on this game.

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@Ceniza u are correct, u can get any dna. I think how many dna goes by the level u are. The dino itself is the random part


@Danelle919 yes but we already know it is not guaranteed the Raja dna if I’d fight in Nublar :sweat_smile:

We are saying the same things for some points:

The only guaranteed Dna in some incubators is Stygimoloch (we all see his picture)
The other one is random guaranteed epic, sorting for all the epic creatures of the arena you currently are AND the lower arenas.

Maybe are you saying that, once, unlocked the arenas, you will receive that dna anyway? This would make senseless to drop down, of course, but it isn’t what I read here in the forum and also on metahub:

All of the Arena rewards stack up to the Tier you are at. In other words, you can essentially obtain all the Dinos from your respective Arena Tier and lower Tiers. Some people currently “derank” to make their chances higher at certain Dinos. But keep in mind, the higher Arenas reward higher amounts or of DNA. In terms of efficiency, the small increase of chances to obtain a Dino from a lower level, may not be worth the DNA you’re missing out on in the higher Arenas.

So as I said before, 25% probability is higher than 14%.

@Ceniza the amount of dna gained on the incubator is related to the level of the arena, not on the player level. I read people dropping down before the last massive update (to be clear, when T-Rex was on Arena 1) who experience that, yes they gained just T-Rex dna, but a little quantity, seen that they were in the first arena, even if they were lev 10 players.
I also experienced this on Sorna Marshes, nothing changed on epic dna gained (was 13 minimum when I was lev10 and remained 13 min when I was lev 11 and also now, same 13 minimum and I am lev 12). It increases the total amount of dna in the incubators, as my experience lev 10 was 571 dna per 8h incub, lev 11 was 595 dna per 8h incub.

I did this spreadsheet for two months I think, so I know what’s inside incubarors… As you see, the amount of Rajasauro’s dna was just 518, with 200+ incubators opened, and I received most of thiis opening some 24h incub as you can see, the last one with 220 dna:

13 dna each, from 6 8h incub
60 dna form 1 8h incub
160 + 200 from 2 24h incub

Opened 38 8h incub while monitoring this, raja was in 7 of them = average 18%

If and when I will decide to drop down, I will take note, just for fun!

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I’m one of those that didn’t know, if they had said something about that then maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to stay in certain arenas. Though previously I did that because I felt like I wasn’t ready to go onto the next arena anyway but still. I hope they listen to this for any other noob like myself. XD


@SaraCuriosa this is what I just got and I’ve been in Sorna for quite awhile

And I very rarely get dinos from Sorna. I got T Rex maybe once or twice


I tried leveling down just as a case study to see if it would help me get the dino dna I needed (ankylosaur specifically) going alll the way down to level one where I had a 100% chance of getting Anky, it takes waiting for the other incubators to time out and then finally the 8 hour incubator to time out and finally you are given less than 12 dna in return. I found this process extremely inefficient and cumbersome.

It just didn’t seem worth it… now imagine not even being guAranteed the dna you need from an incubator… no thanks, not for me.

I quickly rose back to the ranks I started from originally and just try to be more Diligent about hunting now.


Dropping arenas won’t change your incubators. I’ve been in Jurassic Ruins for a while and rarely ever get Sinoceratops or Baryonyx. Maybe once or twice. I almost always get dinos from the previous arenas.

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youll get the exclusive more often, thats about it.


My last two 8 hours incubators had only one epic, the Stygimologh (is he the sponsor? Haha). Before I’d have always a second little amount of epic. Anybody noticed something different these days?


@Luiz_Fernando_Xavier that has happened to me a few times, got all Stygi instead of another epic with it.


Hi Danielle919, please see this post on incubators from metahub: The higher the arena incubators, the higher amount of dna and coins you get, but the lower chance of ceetain dinos from lower arena. Thats why people drop in arena.

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@Sherwin I never get the incubator dinos from Sorna. I always get from lower ones. I can show u how much DNA of all the useless dinos if u like
And I never said nothing about coins or how much dna, we are talking specifically about dino dna…like the ones I posted above, that was a few hours ago. I’m at 3900 in Sorna


@Danelle919 Did you read my posts? Cause it seems no, for me, due to your “one way” replies… Forum is worthing if we can discuss on a topic, otherwise it seems just two people speak in their mirrors without listening the other opinions. If this is the last case, I don’t bother spending time on this anymore.
Happy hunting


@SaraCuriosa not sure what that means😟 I am saying for them to make a post cuz I’m sick of ppl dropping arenas thinking they will get specific dino from that arena …so idk what your even talking about


Hi Danielle, its all about chances: if you didnt receive dinos from your arena and only received dinos from lower arena, then you probably just had bad luck. Its like you using a 75% chance on a stun move for 5 times and 5 times it didnt stun your opponent. Just very bad luck. Not everyone has this bad luck and will take their higher chance by dropping arena. My suggestion to Ludia on resolving this issue would be to match players based on highest ever achieved trophies: this way droppers will just face each other :slight_smile:

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Yes @Danelle919 , as @Sherwin and I are trying to say, yes there is not guarantee to gain specific epic dna as you say, but you will gain more chances.

@Hersh said it well, if you want Anchilosauro, just drop to arena 1, wait for an 8h incub and you have a chance to gain en epic from arena 1, such as only Anchilosauro, so the chance is 100%.
If you want Secodontosauro, go in arena 2, you have 50% to find Secodontosauro and 50% to gain Anchilosauro. This doesn’t mean that you will gain Secodontosauro every two 8 hours incubators. You can still have bad luck and open 10 8h incubs and for 8 time gaining Anchilosauro, even if you want Secodontosauro.

If you don’t want this to happen (people dropping down arenas), the suggestion is not asking Ludia to make a post on how incubators work, because we all know. The suggestion could be (and I am not proposing this, if there are some mod / dev here reading, close your eyes! :rofl: )

  • Once you unlock the higher arenas, they are unlocked forever so for example if you drop down from arena 8 you could still gain gallimimo dna
  • match players based on highest ever achieved trophies