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Ludia: please expound on matchmaking

Ludia has framed the new matchmaking system as a response to stat boosts (they did this in the official release notes). However, the example they used was having one overLEVELED Dino and making that one the benchmark for matchmaking.

This lone example provided doesn’t address stat boosts at all and, if it is in fact rarity-agnostic, it seems a bit unfair to punish a team by equating one Level 26 rare with no stat boosts to a team with 8 Level 26 Uniques with max stat boosts.

I’m sure there’s something they did to work all this out but we need the details so we can adjust accordingly.



I hope everything works out.
I’m worried about the new update.


I’ve been wondering the same thing since my team levels range from 25 to 30 with my only 30s being Suchotator and Tragodistis.

I guess I’ll wait and see before I make any changes. The release notes can be interpreted in different ways IMO. Only 1.7 will tell.

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never understood why people worry so much about levels??? the game revolves around button-mashing RNG machines like indoraptor, erlidominus, trykosaurus and thoradolosaur where you literally don’t have to have a clue what’s going on in the game because if you can get enough dice rolls, they’ll play like level 100s and you’re the best player in the world :man_shrugging:

Lol my Suchotator is the main reason for my post :slight_smile:

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They stated team score is a combination of levels, arena, and boosts so its part of the equation… an equation that they wont tell us because it will be abused.

Now if you asking if a lvl 25 rare/common/epics means the same as a lvl 25 unique/legendary for the team score. Im going to speculate yes for the same reason i wrote in another thread.

If i have a lvl 28 tawny boosted so its able to kill 30 indos… why should it count as a level 26 just cause its a common.

As long as a tawny can kill an equal level unique, rarity is irrelevant for matchmaking scores.

Just do like they said and level things evenly and ull be good.

Overleveled dinos higher than team average WILL count towards matchmaking regardless of whether u get that dino in a battle

So if you got 6 level 25 dinos and 2 level 30s, don’t be surprised to face level 30s.

Whether u draw ur overleveled dinos is left up to luck

I would respectfully disagree but I’m sure there will be a lot of differing opinions on this.

My speculation is that they are addressing St Pattys Day issues at the expense of proper matchmaking. If I am in Level 4 and grinded and grinded to make Suchotator viable, while at the same time I have a bunch of 21 uniques…what mathematician came up with idea to make my team equivalent to all Level 28 Uniques?

I can see my 28 Suchotator being part of the equation, but it is bad math to make it the one and only Dino the algo looks at (since it’s my highest level).

I think they patched up the “Erlidom in Lockdown” leak while sacrificing a more broad-based resolution.

Anyway, the best counter to my argument is clearly to calm down it hasn’t even released yet, so I’ll stop for now :slight_smile:

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Considering that Ludia said we are getting an “optimized version of 1.7”, nobody knows what we’ll get. Matchmaking could be just like they intended, or different if that’s what caused the roll-out to fail last week (yes I truly believe they tried to roll out 1.7 last week and it broke the game).


Well, the point is that a Tryko of 23 is much better than a nodopatotitan or an einisuachus of 27 and better than a amargocephalus or a velociraptor of 30.

Until now, the sense was that a player could try to compete “like the great majority”, that is, putting the same 8 Tyrant or Apex 1 dinos at the highest level they had, for example 25 or using original creatures, much weaker but in level superior (suchotator, delta, einiasuchis, tany, …) of level 29 or 30. In any case, someone with 8 Tyrant or Apex 1, used to win to these original teams and, in my opinion great teams, with strange dinos level 30, but at least they had a small opportunity to win. If the new system hurts them (as seems to be understood by unclear rules) these teams will disappear and, in the end, all the teams will have the same 8 dinos, the strongest, and that is not good for me.

Anyway, I hope that they have realized that this was not fair and they have made changes these days. We should wait to have more news when the new version starts, perhaps today.


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The problem is they buffed tawny so he can beat indo straight up in this patch… so tawny is good on a level that few other commons and rares are… if they value commons in a way that means they dont score on the same level as uniques then everyone will run over leveled boosted tawnys to take advantage of the high useability of tawny paired with the much lower impact on team score that running a similar level unique.

If commons are valued less then uniques this is exactly my plans for tawny…

Ultimately it will create power commons/rares… the 2-3 you run on your team over leveled will out perform uniques at low levels… it will do nothing for diversity…unless you think everyone running over leveled tawnys, suchotators along with the 5 tyrants and dio.

And at the top of the ladder it would create a situation where people with full max level/max boosted teams are running a max level/boosted common… just to lower their team score so they earn more trophies per match even though they are running a team with exact level and boosts.

I suggest everyone to look at what they had in their other game. I believe that when implementing ideas devs rarely jump into a brand new mechanic they are unfamiliar with. So in this case, I believe they’ll be calculating all stats involved when determining match ups. Most likely to be a combination of HP + Attack (Ferocity in the other game), plus speed perhaps. My reasoning? It’s the simplest way. They already have the code for it. Plus, it’ll remove all the arguments about boosted stats or not. And we all know the higher level Dino you have the more hp+attack it has anyway so that’s moot. So if they calculated the entire team total “ferocity” they’ll just match you up with someone similar.

If so, it will be perfect, but it is not what I understood when reading the notes. Also, in that case, it would not make sense to have warned that from now on a team with a similar level would be better.

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while its a possibility… they litterally say dino level, arena and boosts make up the team score… they say nothing about dino stats specifically. On top of that Jurassic World the game and Jwa use two different game engines so their code is not compatible… art assets yes but not the code itself.

Well, I do hope it’s like this… I know the code is different but the formula/concept is familiar so I wouldn’t be surprised if they visited it. And from what I understood from their post, I think what they were saying about balanced teams is both team has 80k total score. One team has one ultra Dino taking 24k on its own, while the remaining is only 8k each. Vs a balanced team of 10k each. The probability of you getting that 24k Dino on your pick is 50%? So you’ll be fighting 10k score dinos with 8k dinos half the time in arena which rng gods will say its hell of a torture. Plus, with new mechanics and Sia, one big Dino won’t be sufficient to carry an entire weaker team. And this is enough to send people screaming in the forums.

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Pure stats wouldnt even work to well in this game like that do in jwtg though… from a pure stats perspective t.rex is arguably better then thor… so in that system rex would be worth the same but in jwa kit is just as important as stats and sometimes more so.

I dont think its realistic that they would put a value on each dinos kit…

We should have a better idea tomorrow.

This could be a total disaster. Winning by avoiding teams that would wipe the floor with you. Is not mathematically stable. Maths is truth feelings aren’t.

Looking forward to this burning up in failure.

True. They’ll have to quantify every move’s value and calculate them (this does means that epic/legendaries/unique will have a bigger score naturally just by having better kits?) But if they don’t, then it’ll not really be fair either, like the few examples offered earlier of an overlevelled common chewing up legendaries/unique due to having a lower score.

Ugh!! I really do hope this will not burn up. :frowning:

If im gonna be completely honest… i dont think its gonna change who we are fighting as much as its going to affect the amount of trophies were winning/losing per match.

They seem to imply that bad matchups are still gonna happen but when they do trophies for that match are adjusted… so those of you with dinos significantly higher then the rest of your team can hopefully test and see if having the overleveled dinos impacts your average trophies per win and by how much.

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