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Ludia please fix bugs presents since ages


I’m getting more pink screen than ever during PVP.
Pink screen then “disconnected” so I restart game to rejoin the battle but I miss 2-3 hits. So the result is “match lost”.
I have this on 1/4 fights at the moment it is really boring.
You add to this the 60 seconds delay and expiration bug which happen as well on 1/4 fights sometimes more… it’s really boring

RAIDS BUGS, too many to lists

Each raid is a battle to find a way to start and launch a raid

-First of all is notification, I never get them, I need to ask the guy to tell me on discord then to restart the game.
-Lobby expires, the other day we couldn’t go for a raid, we tried three times, but the lobby when started, doesn’t connect or whatever after 60 secs.
-The worst one for me is when I host lobby, my friend list never loads (about 1/10 times, sometimes I simply can) so I can’t invit people. Sometimes only a few is appearing and sometimes only the team name.

So I stopped to play some cause you need hours to go through this simply to make a raid. 2 times with Gorgo we had problems for 2 hours, so, sorry but I can’t loose much time and I gave up.

When you make combo of all these bugs you just feel like your going to delete the game.

Please Ludia, we live the new contents it’s really nice but try to fix these bugs cause it’s really really boring

Thanks !

Hey there Vulcain, I’m quite sorry for the frustration. The team is currently looking into the pink screen and raid invite issues and hope to find a solution soon!