Ludia please FIX Indoraptor G2 in the next update!

It’s ridiculous that boosted level 26 Indoraptor G2 destroys 2-3 unique dinos level 30 that are also boosted. That cautious strike needs to be nerfed in the next update - no distraction and speed increasing!


Yeah I agree. It‘s a shame that Indo Gen II needs to be that high lvled to actually stand a chance against Indo I. Guess that‘s what‘s going on in Ludia‘s headquarter.
Knowing Ludia‘s love for destroying good dinos and buffing monsters, I expect them to actually BUFF Indo II even more.

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I love Indo2, but agree it needs a nerf. Not much of a problem until higher levels with boost. It’s more of a problem than DC ever was. There’s Gemini and some speed reducers, but it needs a nerf. sad face.

I run Indo G2 on both of my accounts (my alt is unique free and high avairy) and don’t exactly go “oh no!” when someone puts one on against me. Any creature overboosted is going to run rampant.

That said cautious strike does too much; I think removing the speed increase would be nerf enough.


I would remove the speedup AND the cleanse. No point in CS having it when indo g2 already has Mutual fury.


Forgot about the cleanse - don’t notice it coming into play much

I still think distraction should be removed from that move. It’s too OP to have distraction/evasion at the same time, meaning you can’t do much, unless you have immune dino with nullifying or precise move that is faster than indo g2.


I agree. The question is though, remove dodge or distraction?

I run a lot of immunes on both teams which is why I don’t notice the distraction :slightly_smiling_face:

I would remove distraction. It doesn’t make sense that dino has that ability anyway.


I have 2 fully immune dinos but they are not selected when I need them. I just can’t believe that Ludia made Indo G2 so OP. For instance, when you swap in Spyx that is slightly slower then it’s game over for you as you can’t make 2x rampage and then you will be destroyed in turn 2.

I’d remove Cautious Strike entirely and replace it with Long Defensive Strike (From Blue’s Short Defense).


That would be a bit better but a lot of speedsters don’t have shield shattering move and one few viable have nullifying moves. Slower Spyx/Erlidom wouldn’t stand a chance.

Distraction, speed up, and cleanse should be removed, why that thing have evasive stance if it have cautios strike
Tired of that monster


Id be fine just with the removal of speedup so that it cant snowball once it gets rolling on the CS spam

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So what?


So that would mean a legendary dino is better than unique dinos yet again.

It does make sense. Blue has distraction as a basic attack. Not to mention pounce from both raptors. While i agree that cautious strike needs a nerf i don’t think It should be harsh, so distraction and dodge should stay(these are the really cautious aspect of the move) and speed up and dodge get removed. Without speed up It can no longer outspeed faster speedsters on a revenge killing situation, and without cleanse It is forced to use mutual fury to deal with bleeders. That’s enough of a nerf imo. Indo gen2 doesn’t need to be hammered, no dino should be hammered for that matter.


Monomimus cough cough

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Or anything with DoT, since that completely ignores Distraction and Evasion.
Also, anything with speed control stands a chance (this includes Speedup and Decel moves), especially in combination with Precise/Definite/Nullifying moves. Suchotator, Ardontosaurus, Ankyntrosaurus, Titanoboa, Titanoboa G2, Dilophoboa, Spinoconstrictor, Smilonemys, Entelodon, Gemini, Maxima, Orion, Brontolasmus, Woolly Rhino, Mammotherium, Proceratosaurus, Koolasuchus (the list goes on) would all do considerable damage to if not beat outright an Indo G2 with only Dodge+Distraction+Damage.

Without the Cleanse and Speed buff, Cautious Strike would only be a problem for anything without speed control, that isn’t Immune, that doesn’t have a Cleansing or Nullifying/Precise move.