Ludia - Please Fix Moves or Update Cooldowns Correctly


I’m noticing some tooltips are displaying the wrong things for certain moves, and it’s becoming frustrating as these moves are either not working as intended (with the correct cooldown) or they are working as intended but the tooltip is incorrect.

For instance -

Nodopatosaurus and Gigaspikasaurus have the exact same kit. Yet, Nodopatosaurus says the cooldown for Decelerating Impact is 3 turns, and Gigaspika says the cooldown is 1 turn, only it isn’t one turn in the arena. It has the normal 3 turn wait. If it should be 1 turn, please fix it. If it should be 3 turns, please fix the text.

Tragodistis says it has Instant Invincibility immediately available (aka there is no delay of one turn like there is for every other dino who has instant invincibility). Yet in the arena, it forces a 1 turn delay.

It can be frustrating to use the wrong dino in battle thinking one thing can happen (like thinking you can quickly kick off an instant invincibility) when you can’t because the description is just incorrect or the moves aren’t working as intended.

Please add this to the next update, Ludia! Thank you!


Fully agree. Some skill icons are off too.


THIS. Really frustrating. Distracting Impact for Mono and Spinotahraptor has the rampage icon… gets me every time! XD