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Ludia please fix strike tower generations they are really unfair

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Bug Description: strike tower generations gone mad

Area is was found in:map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- it happened randomly
Step 2 -
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How often does it happen:every single time

What type of device are you using:

Anything else?

ever since the update strike towers like these rarely existist my circle of range most of the times they are barely just barely out of range most of the time strike towers in my area are just easy ones that gives worthless rewards

Can you pass this report to the team @Ned ?

Oh well looks like everyohe keeps ignoring me

I could complete that debuff trial if it was in range but since the update those yellow strike towers are very very very bugged they always spawn out of range and the probability of a white yellow strike towerspawin in my area was 1/100000000 probability please fix this problem im so mad that strike tower generations are very very very bugged i hate the way strike towers generate please fix it ludia x1000

What is Ludia supposed to fix here? All towers from the weekly schedule have been out there. At least this week.

If they are in or out of your circle is just pure luck. Like nearly everything in this game.

But strike towers have been out of my range way to often

there are people who cant go out due to quarantine SO it is really unfair

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Distribution has been especially bad for the past few weeks. I have 13 drops in range: (usually) three green, 10 orange. It’s not uncommon for all of my orange drops to be the same two strike towers, while all of the epic and stat strike towers are very scarce (I’m lucky to spot one off in the distance). On a couple of days recently, they were so scarce I couldn’t even see one from home, and I can see 70 drops!

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I’m sorry about that, dan1209. I will pass your feedback to our team!

This is for reporting bugs only, if you are having trouble making a purchase or need help recovering your account please post in Help & Support here.

Please fill in the following fields!

Bug Description:raid bosses,supply drops,strike towers are unevenly distributed accross the map
area is was found in:map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- open the game
Step 2 - suffer because you can’t get to hard strike tower reward because they always spawn out of range 100% of the time,you can’t reach suplly drops that are spawn8ng uniques and legendaries,and when you are only a few dna away from unlocking your first apex but all raid bosses are out of range(i even begged other
Alliance members to if there is an epic raid in your area invite me please,and none of them responded)
How often does it happen:everytime

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Someone pleasereply me

Ludia really need to fix the strike tower distributions

what is ludia suppose to do? Only time drops really change position is during the “big” updates

Im just saying ludia needs to investigate this quickly or else more people are going to riot because tgey can’t dart this week’s featured dinos or complete certai strike towers

That doesn’t make it a good system just because that’s the way it currently is.

I don’t say that the system is perfect.
But the OP keeps reporting bugs on this topic while this clearly is not a bug.

It is just bad luck, nothing else.
Today I lost a battle because my opponent had crits on every single hit. Bad luck for me, but not a bug. Or should I also open a topic under “Bug Reports”?


There’s definitely something going on with distribution, though. Frequently, one strike will be near-unfindable for a majority of players (you’ll see threads here on the forum and many, many reports on Discord). People will have to travel 20+ miles to even see one.

Here at my house, I have 13 drops in range and can see 70 drops total. Yesterday, there was not a single trial strike in sight. Today, I have seven copies of the little rare strike and two copies of the small epic strike in range, can see two copies of the big epic strike off in the distance, and can’t even see a single attack stat strike on the map. If distribution were working properly, I should be able to at least see one copy of each strike every day and not have seven copies of a single one clumped around me… but almost every day, there is one strike I can’t find without walking for 20-45 minutes, while I’m drowning in 1-2 others.

Some of us who have been paying attention to this have noticed that distribution clumps things oddly. For example, this winter my city’s shopping district would frequently look like this (in every direction), not a single green drop in sight:


While a random neighborhood (not a hidden park) would inexplicably contain a bunch of green drops (much more than any other area of town, which might have one per block):


This kind of clumping seems to be happening on a larger scale; I frequently see people here who have all green drops and zero orange, or all orange and zero green, or several stat strikes clumped together while other people have to drive two hours to even see one, and so on. It’s not just bad luck; something is going on with Ludia’s use of Google’s Playable Locations API.


Tourright something is fishy with the distribution code i would say it would took 3 months for ludia to find out what was wrong with the strike tower and raid boss distributions