Ludia please fix the connection for my raids

It’s still not done with Ludia. Please fix this issue. I want to do raids but connection failure still interferes. If you can hear me, please fix this.

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I’ve been in the same boat since the update before last -just as many of my fellow alliance are, and it has ruined the raiding experience.

Coupled with the fact that Ludia decided to nerf apex dinos I can’t help but wonder where the game is going.


Sorry to hear that, Schtemty and MrMemeZilla_198. You can email our team at in order to help them look into this. Thank you for your patience!

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I’ve emailed support and they just say they’re working on it. It’s been weeks now and nothing has been done.

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I told the team, support. Thank you for your help.

Please fix this problem Ludia for goodness sake! Im just trying to fun raiding but the connection STILL interferes. WHY IS THIS?!

Even when I restart my device the problem still happens


Can you please fix this problem, Ludia? I’ve been struggling for weeks because of this connection problem.

me too hope they fix it

Us old timers are just used to this kind of thing now.

I’m so tired of this latest bug though, it’s so frustrating and it affects so many people.

Ludia don’t seem to care though.