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Ludia, please fix the thawfest games (Arena)

Please Ludia, do something about the thawfest games, I’m sick and tired of finding opponents that are hundreds of power points higher than me. I get that you can reroll your opponents, but sometimes even if you use all 3 of your rerolls, neither of the 4 players will have dragons your size, I understand that you shouldn’t be faced with opponents that are a lot weaker than you, but you SHOULDN’T be faced against opponents that are much stronger than you either. My dragon strength is currently around the 5000’s and I am find opponents that have 6000+ dragon strength, even 7000+, the arena alone makes me want to quit this game, do something please. The amount of trophies doesn’t matter to me, dragon strength DOES. Either you make the arena more on dragon power than trophy amount, or you can just expect players to not play in the arena. Because I am sure many players would rather have opponents their size even though their opponent is hundreds of trophies higher than them than have people face opponents bigger than them when they have the same amount of trophies.

I already told you this before, but matchmaking based no BP isn’t going to work.

And also you’re example is terrible. The amount of trophies you gain depends on the difference in trophies between players. If you attack someone with a lot more trophies than you you are gonna gain a lot of trophies (and they’ll lose an immense amount too). So yeah, of course, you wouldn’t mind attacking someone with a lot more trophies than you.


I’m gonna have to disagree, it makes sense that your opppnents are based off how many trophyes you have, i mean… why even bother upgrading your team if you can reach top 200 with a team that has 5000 bp.


Some players don’t even battle in the arena for days, maybe even weeks or months if they keep finding opponents that are massively stronger than them, how about have the trophy system depend on dragon power. So if you attack someone your size, you gain a decent amount of trophies (60-70) and your opponent looses a decent amount. It won’t be like “yeah you attack someone with thousands of trophies more than you and you two are the same strength and you get 100+ trophies”. This should only happen if you have a very strong team and you loose against a very weak team, that’s the only way that you would loose a bunch of trophies. I still think it would be nice to find opponents your size. Do you really think people who have 4000 dragon strength would want to go up against someone with 7000+ dragon power? No, they don’t. I get that if they did it this way and kept the current trophy system the same, it would probrably hurt many players, but once again, dragon strength matters the most when it comes to facing a opponent and have the trophy system depend on dragon power.

Once again, your suggestion of making trophies gained depend on Bp is easily abusable. You could just put a 1* dragon in your defense and anyone attacking it would barely gain any trophies (so little torphies that it wouldn’t be worth doing the attack).

Bp is a terrible measure. Judging a team solely based on it is very bad cuz it doesn’t say a thing about how well the dragons synergize, … (Which is one of the reason why when there is a Bp difference of 1000 or so you can still win easily from time to time)


When the arena was released I had a BP or ~6000 and I was struggling even with teams that had a bp of 5500 (yes i had a bp bigger than yours but thats because i’ve been playing since day 1 and I am active evry single day) I didn’t have Sawmaw or Murmur (and I still don’t, well…not at 5*) and when i wanted to play the arena, evryone was washing the floor with me. What did I do? I upgraded my team and slowly reached the BP of 7700, I worked hard for over 10 months to reach this BP, now people might be complaining about my breeding odds but you can make a pretty nice team with just event dragons (i don’t have any dragon at 5* if you don’t include the eveny ones). The arena isn’t the main focus of the game (for ~7 months we didn’t even have it and the main focus of the game was mostly the weekly dragons). Ludia made this game waaaay easyer than it was before (not that i’d be complaining) and i feel like we should be grateful, the only bad choice that they made so far is the new event system but at this point most of the players got used to it.

Woops, half of what I said isn’t as relevant but I like getting into details xD.