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Ludia, please fix this before updating to 1.9. It's been running rampant all month!

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Bug Description: Attacks cannot be used. Sometimes their icons disappear. Even if I tap where they should be, they still do nothing, so please don’t suggest what I have already tried.

Area it was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play in arena
Step 2 - May happen randomly, but stun seems to play a part in the case of the screenshot. In the photo’s case, my Nodopatotitan has been stunned once, and was denied second turn even though it wasn’t stunned anymore (note the lack of stun effect over its head).
I have also reported this bug through e-mail, but posting here too in case it might get any coverage.

How often does it happen: Every day ever since second to last tournament.

What type of device are you using: Huawei P20 Lite

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


they don’t care, sorry bro


I’ve stopped keeping track of the number of losses I’ve had because of this bug. At least once a day. Usually when I’m winning as well. Or setting myself up for a win. Then I can’t select anything or I do select a move and nothing happens. Usually by the time I restart, I’ve lost the game.

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They won’t even talk to me anymore because a don’t use a top of the line major brand phone, In fact they would not even look into my problem at all and just told me to go buy a new phone. Mine was a new phone and a new model that I just bought.

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Report a bug that says a Premium Incubator is out instead of a Scent capsule, Ludia goes crazy and fixes even before others realize.
Report a bug that messes the overall game satisfaction, Ludia goes MIA.

Keep on posting/reporting these bugs, Ludia comes with new Dinos, new Boosts (may be Armor/Crit with next patch), new features that include many bugs and whatnot?

Alliance chat box is messed up since the day it released. There is that.


Joke’s on them, I don’t care that they don’t care.

Same here, I had my Kaprosuchus about to smack a Paramoloch in the face with a buffed cleansing impact ready to OHKO it. But game’s just like that old song … “No, can’t touch this!”

Now to be fair, Alliance chat box seems to no longer stop me from posting and I no longer have to keep clearing the cache every time I battle just so I could post. I’m not sure if this goes for everyone, but if it does, then at least they’ve fixed that.

It’s fixed on my end the attack disappearing but still purple flash removals! Really does need the most attention before update.

I haven’t had purple flash bugs, but I hope the move bug was fixed for everyone. Though would be a miracle if it was.