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Ludia, please get your act together. Please

This is what I have personally logged as my last 100 battles.
It is impossible to battle for 4-5 battles in a row with extremely strong signal strength without either myself or my opponent getting locked out of a match.
Every 7th game, I am getting lost or incorrect move-sets.
Every 3rd try for a match in which I don’t get matched with a real player, I get auto selected for an AI match - even though I tried to cancel the AI, not auto time expired AI match.
What is going on with you all?
Are you paying the bills? Not enough servers? Don’t care?
I have noticed so many less players at my same level as last Season at the same trophy level. Right at 1,000 less to be exact - my player rating count jumped almost exactly 1,000 at the start of the season, and I’m not at the level that my trophies auto-decreased at the start of the season. This shows that many are leaving the game.
Please do not kill off this game that your developers put so much into. The premise and graphics and non-match play is so superb (with exceptions to some very poorly conceived hybrids).
We love this game, so please revive it to match functionality at least. Thanks.